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  1. Re: I can't take it anymore! I think I want to wean!

    I know exactly what you are talking about. My ds is 23 months and he constantly wants to nurse. Some days i hate it and some days i love it.
    It sounds like to me that you are ready to wean. I dont...
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    Re: Guess I'll start this here party... :P

    Hi my name is Jennifer. Im 22 years old. Mom to Landon who is almost 22 months, and nursing strong. I am a single mother. I hope to get to know everyone!:)
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    Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    My ds is 21 months he loves to try to stick his finger up my nose. I have no idea why he does it. He also loves to see how far my nipples can strech so he can see what is on t.v. It really hurts...
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