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    Re: Just wondering...

    I don't think there's any need for those. My son stopped nursing just a week ago now and the doctor said to just start him on whole milk...
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    Re: Please share your weaning story

    My little guy was sick and decided that he didn't want anything to do with my boob. He was down to morning, noon, and night nursing but i was hoping to gradually phase them out. The last time I...
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    Re: immunizations and nursing

    its normal. should pass in a day or two...
  4. Re: - How do I get her to take a bottle

    My son did the same thing and did not take a bottle for almost a month at daycare. I nursed him at lunchtime and luckily he was old enough for rice cereal for the other feedings. The daycare...
  5. Re: Hard time transitioning to childcare

    I was just going to say that maybe she isnt the right person to care for your child. I think babies are pretty receptive to most people and if they're not then there might a problem. Hopefully you...
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    Re: Partial Weaning?

    My DS is approaching a year and my supply is slowly dropping when I pump. I think I'm going to gradually cut my pumping sessions from 3 to 2 and then 1 as I introduce cow's milk...(after a year). ...
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    Re: Teeth & Nursing

    It varies for every baby but my DS's took a few weeks. And it was different for each tooth.
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    Re: 4 month old won't accept bottle

    I feel for you! My son would not take a bottle from anyone when I went back to work (and he was around the same age.)

    We finally got him to accept it by making sure the milk was really warm and...
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    Re: Maintaining Supply

    Once my DS started eating solids he wanted to nurse less so my supply has gone down but its a natural progression. Maybe start substituting one bottle feeding with a BF and see how it goes. It is...
  10. Re: baby EBF 9mos, occasional manual pumper, is it too late to buy medela (back to wo

    Just from experience I would def buy a double electric pump. Much more efficient and I found I get a much better output! And try and build up your freezer stash as much as possible. I'm kicking...
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    Re: Beginning pumping

    You can also pump a 1/2 hour after she's done eating. that's what i did to prepare for going back to work and banked a good amount of milk. (although now I'm running out!) :(
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    Re: Maintaining Supply

    First of all congrats on breastfeeding with twins!! That's just amazing to me.

    Second, if you cut down on how often you pump you will lower your supply because you'll be emptying your breasts...
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    Running out of milk!

    My DS is 10 1/2 months old now and we've been BFing and pumping (when i'm at work) the whole time but my supply is starting to go down and I'm running out of freezer stash. I really want to make it...
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    Re: decreasing milk output in the a.m.

    Where do you find this? My milk is decreasing in the PM and I'm also tapping into my freezer stash.
  15. Temas: Letdown

    by @llli*arlegs

    Re: Letdown

    This might sound funny but I've found massaging my breasts before I pump and then gently pulling on my nipples really helps. I usually let down as soon as I turn the pump on! (and I was having real...
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    Re: Freezer suppy

    I wish I had more of a freezer supply. This being my first I didn't realize what I would need going back to work. With DS sleeping through the night (almost 12 hours) it really cut down my supply. ...
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    Re: How long do you pump for

    I sometimes have problems with letdown so my time varies between 15 minutes and 30. I always pump until I letdown and then sometimes stop, try to stimulate, and then start again and I'll get more...
  18. Re: Now what? What is your typical 10 mo old diet like?

    I'm back to work now :cry so his schedule is a little different then when we're at home but this is what he does. My guy also is kind of in the in between stage, just when I think he wants more...
  19. Re: 3 mo will not take bottle and have to go back to work! :(

    yeah, it doesnt matter who tries. i was out of the house and he still didnt want it. unfortunately i think the daycare person may have their hands full!
  20. 3 mo will not take bottle and have to go back to work! :(

    My 3 month old used to take a bottle (I would pump and have DH give him one once a day) up until he was about 6 weeks and then all of a sudden he refused. He'll chew on it and push the nipple out...
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