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  1. Re: Co-sleeping - late bedtime issues and frequent waking

    Will your baby take a pacifier? If she just needs a few sucks then she probably isn't really hungry, just needing to suck something for comfort... maybe a pacifier would help. If she's really hungry,...
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    Re: Nursing Strike or Weaning?

    Thank you! He did nurse this morning while awake, for the first time in a week. He only took one side but didn't act at all like it was uncomfortable. At naptime he refused again but nursed well once...
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    Nursing Strike or Weaning?

    My son is 15 months old today. Background info: at 10-11 mos, he developed an ear infection and did not nurse at all for almost 3 full days. On day 4 he came around and went back to his usual...
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    Re: 10mo Nursing strike ! Pls help.

    My son went on a nursing strike just before he turned 11 mos. It was due to an ear infection & he went almost 3 full days without nursing. I was so stressed & worried! He has never been very...
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    Blister Next to Nipple?

    Hi all :) My son is 12 mos (almost 13) & still nursing about 5x per day. He is cutting teeth & his latch has been painful on the left side for the last week or two. No pain, or very minimal, on the...
  6. Re: Almost 12 mos - should I reduce solids to keep baby nur

    Thank you! That's kind of what I was planning to do at a year, emphasize the solids more. I really didn't expect him to start weaning yet though... He kinda caught me off guard :)
    My daughter didn't...
  7. Almost 12 mos - should I reduce solids to keep baby nursing

    My son will be 12 mos on October 10. He was nursing 6x a day (first thing in the morning, before both naps, between nap #2 & dinner, bedtime, and once during the night) and eating 3 solid meals a...
  8. Re: Healing bite on nipple? And how to stop biting?

    Mother Love cream is excellent! Very soothing & natural...it's all I use now. For the biting - not everyone will agree with this, but you said to offer any suggestions, so - I flicked my DD's cheek...
  9. Re: 6 Month Supply issues since cycle returned - Desperate!

    You may want to give the dream feed a try then...it might be much easier & less stressful than pumping. If it disturbs him too much you can always go back to pumping at that time. I did the same as...
  10. Re: 6 Month Supply issues since cycle returned - Desperate!

    :ita with the dream feed idea. Baby is much better at getting milk out than the pump. Even if you seem to pump the same amount that he takes in, as far as increasing your supply, his nursing will be...
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    Re: Growth Spurt & Not Pooping?

    I know! Haha...I'm starting to plan our outings based on how easy it would be to change an epic poopy diaper...lol. 21 days is crazy...I hope he doesn't wait that long!

    I just needed to be...
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    Growth Spurt & Not Pooping?

    Is it normal for a baby to poop less during a growth spurt? My 4 m/o hasn't had a good one all week & he usually goes every day. He's had a couple smaller ones but that's it. & he's been eating more...
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    Does Lipase Recur?

    Hi mamas :)

    My DS is 6 weeks old and EBF. When I was nursing DD I had excess lipase & had to scald any milk that I froze or that she didn't drink within 48 hrs of pumping. Huge pain, as many of...
  14. Re: Morning let-down taking too long!

    Thank you! I am pretty sure it's not letting down...I still feel the letdown at every other feeding & she is pretty restless and wiggly while she waits for it. She gets bored and gives up after about...
  15. Morning let-down taking too long!

    My DD will be 17 mos on 12/2/12 :love She nurses 4x per day (morning, before nap, before bed & a dream feed before I go to bed). She eats solids really well & also gets some cow's milk & water during...
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    Re: Plugged Duct at 13.5 Mos

    Thank you! Still seeing the spot but otherwise I'm feeling much better! :)
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    Re: Plugged Duct at 13.5 Mos

    DD just nursed but the white spot was still there so I did some massaging/squeezing & hand expressing to try to get it out...no luck yet. But it looks like there is milk coming from that duct when I...
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    Plugged Duct at 13.5 Mos

    I've never had a plugged duct before but I'm pretty sure I do right now. Left side is tender & sore but I can't feel any lumps or anything. There is a white spot on my nipple, which I think might be...
  19. Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    My daughter has one of these loveys...I posted this link on another thread a little while ago, not sure if that's the one you saw or not. They are great b/c they have little tabs that she can rub,...
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    Re: Dr. Told Me To Switch to Formula?!

    :ita This is exactly what I would suggest! I didn't see if you mentioned whether or not she nurses during the night but if you want her to gain weight that is definitely something to try. Also it...
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    Re: weaning (yes) help!

    Hi! Just wanted to chime in here with something else that she could "twiddle" :) My daughter has one of these loveys and she LOVES it! It is her comfort thing and she won't sleep or nurse without it....
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    Re: We did it!!!

    Congratulations to you!! We hit the one year mark on July 2... I can't believe how quickly the first year has passed! My DD is still going strong, though she nurses in mush shorter spurts now :)
  23. Re: Possible Raynaud's/vasospasms - need positive stories!

    I had vasospasms caused by pumping...I treated thrush for about 3mos before finally figuring it out! So frustrating :( I was using (and still do) a Medela PISA and tried some different size flanges...
  24. Re: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

    :ita taste test! If it is lipase it will taste nasty...like metallic, soapy. I discovered excess lipase in January...the first bottle I tested (a tiny sip) made me want to throw up! I had given DD...
  25. Re: Is she really HUNGRY? Or just wanting comfort? (Or both)

    My DD did the same thing right around 5 months...we don't co-sleep so DH and I were :drop for a week or two. After a week or so she went back to just waking once in the night and I nursed b/c it was...
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