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  1. Re: Nearly there - just one more to go, please advise!

    I have a 14 month old that I am weaning. He sleeps with us and when he is ready to get up we have a little routine. I help him down from the bed and we walk to the kitchen where he points to the...
  2. Re: Pregnant & want to wean before next baby is born

    Have fun with the tandem nursing Mami_Kathy I did it for a year with the first 2 but now that I am going to have 4, 4 years and under that is not an option for me. I will not be able to spend the...
  3. Pregnant & want to wean before next baby is born

    My first two boys were 13 months apart so I nursed both of them together for a year. I knew that the 13 month old was not ready when his brother was born and I didn't want him to be resentful.
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