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  1. Re: Nearly there - just one more to go, please advise!

    So true... if my husband experienced the sleep disruptions I do, he would just lie down and DIE. Really it's amazing!
  2. Re: Nearly there - just one more to go, please advise!

    We're not co-sleeping, she sleeps in a crib in her room. I love my husband dearly and he is a wonderful father. But he is just useless in the morning. So I could try to get him involved, and I'm sure...
  3. Nearly there - just one more to go, please advise!

    OK, my 17.5 mo dd and I are down to just one nursing, first thing in the morning when she wakes up. This is at about 6:15 am. Yesterday I tried to give her a cup of milk. She pushed it away and acted...
  4. Re: Wish I had weaned much earlier!

    Thank you everyone for these thoughtful replies. The update here is that we are having little-to-no success with napping, but at least she will sit quietly with a couple of books for 30-45 minutes,...
  5. Wish I had weaned much earlier!

    I'm so frustrated right now. I'm trying to wean my 17 mo dd. It started out well - the bedtime nursing went easily. But the other two - naptime and early morning - have been really difficult. She...
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    Weaning - and sad

    I recently started to wean my 17 mo dd. We have pretty much eliminated the bedtime nursing and today she went down for a nap without nursing - so assuming this keeps up, we will soon have only 1...
  7. Re: Manipulating? or is my supply dropping?

    Thank you for this reply! It's kind of sweet and funny, but I do get tired of it! :p
  8. Manipulating? or is my supply dropping?

    I am about to begin the process of weaning my 16 mo dd. She nurses at bedtime, in the early morning (5:30 or so), and at naptime.

    I have noticed that she wants to switch breasts all the time....
  9. Re: Ready to start weaning process (16 mo)

    Thank you for the replies so far; if other moms have been through the weaning process and can share their experiences, it would be most welcome. (though I wonder if moms who have already weaned their...
  10. Ready to start weaning process (16 mo)

    My dd is 16 mo. We've had a wonderful bf-ing experience, but I am ready to begin the process of weaning her. I want it to be a process - I don't want to do it abruptly because I'm not in a hurry, but...
  11. Re: Eliminating/substituting early morning feeding

    Thank you for this, I had also heard that moving the bedtime to later doesn't help but actually hurts the child's ability to sleep through the night. I think I read it in the No Cry Sleep Solution or...
  12. Re: Eliminating/substituting early morning feeding

    Hmm... I could try that. My pediatrician advises early bedtimes and she does seem to get sleepy so early in the evening... But I could try it.

    I guess then it becomes a matter of deciding whether...
  13. Re: Eliminating/substituting early morning feeding

    By 5 AM, she's been asleep since 7 PM the night before, so 10 hours... :p

    I'm dying for some input here, so please let me know what you think!
  14. Eliminating/substituting early morning feeding


    My dd is 13 mo. Her sleeping routine is quite manageable - she goes to bed at 7 pm after about 15-20 minutes of bf-ing. I put her in her crib when she's still awake, but very sleepy. We have...
  15. Re: Weaning Question and Frozen Milk ???

    I just wanted to thank you for being open and honest about how you feel about raising the subject of weaning on the forum. My situation is different from yours - my daughter is almost 13 mo and is...
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    Re: When should I wean dd?

    Thank you for this input, especially the links to relevant articles and the last post, about how a friend weaned her child.

    I'm going to wait and see, just cutting out the pumping at work and...
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    Re: When should I wean dd?

    Thank you for your reply. I have read reviews of the book you recommended on Amazon.com and from the sounds of it, it may not meet my needs. But I'll think it over and possibly get it from the...
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    When should I wean dd?

    My dd just had her 1st birthday. I was so proud to reach 1 year - my goal had been no formula, and we made it. It took a lot of work - I've worked outside the home for 3 days/week ever since she was...
  19. Baby at 1 year; want to stop pumping at work but not at home

    My dd is almost 1 year. I work part time (3 days/week, Tue., Wed., Thu. only). I am tired of pumping and it's getting soooo hard to get enough milk for her for daycare, so once the doctors says ok, I...
  20. Re: Worried (partial vent and long....sorry)

    On the topic of a routine:

    I tried to put my daughter on a routine at about 4 weeks (she's almost 11 mo now). She resisted it... I think I was kidding myself about her being on a routine at that...
  21. Re: DS 10 mo.Sore nipples..Ovulation??

    Wow!!! It's so funny you wrote this. I posted about sore nipples about 1.5 weeks ago (my daughter is 10 mo too) and just this weekend got my first post-partum period!

    Like you my nipples were raw...
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    Wear and tear on nipples

    I'm wondering what to do about nipple soreness - at 9 months. My daughter has a lot of teeth. She does not really bite me (she did when she first got teeth, but I was able to stop that early); rather...
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    Re: Drop in milk supply?


    Thank you for these messages.

    Just an update from me:

    The pump seems to be ok. I got it new when dd was 2 mo, it's a Medela Pump In Style. I say that it seems to be ok because when my...
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    Drop in milk supply?

    My daughter is 9 mo and continues to nurse frequently when we are together. When she's in daycare (3 days/week), I pump. I've noticed recently that my supply is diminishing when I pump - I used to be...
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    Re: Milk supply dropping?

    I just realized there is a separate section for milk-supply questions. I'm going to repost this there.
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