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  1. Re: How much should my 7 month old be nursing?

    Thanks for the input...I think it was a strike because she's doing much better now. I think I will just stick with nursing 4x a day and 2 solid meals for now. It's working pretty well for us. I...
  2. How much should my 7 month old be nursing?

    Here's the situation....my DD is 7 mo and she bf's 4x a day. Once when she wakes, then at about noon, then about 4, then before bedtime. Lately, she's hasn't been eating as well at her noon and 4...
  3. Re: When is it ok to start DD on Yogurt?

    I don't know about cottage cheese, but I have this really great book that I got as a gift called "the petit appetit cookbook" by Lisa Barnes. It has some really great recipes for every stage and...
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