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  1. Re: Latching pain and bottle breaking

    Well, I no longer use the shield on on breast and have tried the other without it but no luck there, I still need it constantly- when I take it off by the time we have what would be a good latch the...
  2. Latching pain and bottle breaking

    I am reintroducting BFing after four weeks of solid bottle feedings. I gave up trying to get my daughter to latch when she was 3 days old because I thought that I couldn't get past the inital pain...
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    Re: Mastitis & cracked nipples

    For what its worth, I too had mastitis when my baby was about a week and a half old and my production went through the floor. I was exclusivly pumping because I couldn't get past the initial pain of...
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    Re: Exclusivly pumping- pre journey

    Hello! I'm brand new to the website, I also came here for help, so I don't have a ton of wisdom to offer you but....what I can say is it is a pain to pump exclusivly because that is what I am doing...
  5. Re: 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    I'm sorry, I'm new to the BF language- what is SNS? Also to clarify it was my OBGYN who told me to pump and dump; his intentions were good- didn't want me dealing with a possibly uncomfortable baby...
  6. Re: 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    Well, we took Lil Stinker (as my husband calls her) to her ped. yesterday for a check up and she told us that I can give my baby all the milk I had frozen; that the antibiotics in it wouldn't cause...
  7. 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    I was lucky enough to give birth to my BEAUTIFUL baby girl on 4/20. We had latching issues from day one! The lactation consultant tried her best but it seemed like nothing we tried has worked and...
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