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    Re: Cow's Milk

    Thank you for the feedback. He is eating cheese okay as well as whole milk yogurt. As for solids, he is still on jar food, stage 2 to be exact. From time to time he will eat from my plate. ...
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    Cow's Milk

    My 12 month old is completely weaned from BM. Getting him into cow's milk has been a struggle. Any suggestions on how to do it to make him drink milk. I feel like a fealure!!! ...
  3. Re: Weaning by the end of the month...HELP!!!

    Thank you ladies for all your insights. I have a prolactinoma (tumor on my pituitary gland) I need to go back to my medicine which cut my milk production. I've been off it for over 18 months and my...
  4. Weaning by the end of the month...HELP!!!

    My son Big D is almost 11 months. I've pumped for the past month and half since he decided to wean from the breast. I pump 4x a day to provide him BM for the day. He takes 24oz a day. I've pumped...
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    Weaning Pumping!

    My son Big D is 10 months old and has been EBF since birth. Unfortunately I have to stop nursing for health reasons and I am wondering how am I going to do it. I am planning to give him BM until he...
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    Re: Hyperprolactinemia

    Hi, I am so glad I am not alone in this world.

    My endocrynologist assured me with research that Dostinex had no effect on me or the baby. I was still taking it when I became pregnant. Of...
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    Nipple Stike???

    Hello everyone,

    My son will be 10 months on the 27th. I am still exclusively breastfeeding him. Last week he bit me and I got really upset (and so did he), he has not been taking my breast. ...
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    Re: Introducing bottles!!!!!

    Why don't you try to mix some breastmilk with formula, it may help her. I am sorry you have to go for that long. Just try your best on pumping as much as you can to store for your absence and keep...
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    Re: Keeping supply up

    What helps me is pumping every three hours and drinking 20oz of water after I pump. I drink about 120oz of water daily. My son was weaning off but I just started to pump again every three hours to...
  10. Re: My 9.5 month old does not want my milk!

    He's got two teeth on the top and one on the bottom coming at the same time just now. I am very nervous though. Every time he has to come to my breast he puts a fit. I hope he grows out of it...
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    Re: Real food instead of purees....

    OMG! I am so glad I am not alone in this world!!! My son decided lately that nursing was not for him. I am a little scared that he won't nurse as much as he was. He eats 3 meals and nurses 4 x...
  12. My 9.5 month old does not want my milk!

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a beautiful boy born on Oct. 27, 2008. He has been exclusively been breasfeeding. He is on solids as well. He nurses 4 times a day along with 3 meals. He has been...
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