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  1. Re: Now that I need more I have less to spare!

    Does he seem satisfied after a feeding? It could just be that your body has adapted to his demand and that's why you no longer have to wear pads. My DD is 5 months and I too no longer have to wear...
  2. Re: HELP!! "lazy suckler"/breast as pacifier

    I too congratulate you on all the hard work you have done to BF despite the obstacles you have been facing. My daughter would also fall asleep all the time when nursing. Because of that, she would...
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    Re: So does OALD sort itself out....

    Hopefully yours does settle down, but my daughter is 3 months old and I still have times where I almost spray her right in the eye. Hah! Poor thing. Her whole face is covered sometimes b/c of...
  4. Re: Is five minutes enough? And other questions...

    To: theclarkfamily

    I seem to have a lot in common with you. My daughter is now 3 months and also, especially at night, doesn't nurse for the 15-20 minutes that you read most places that she should...
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    Re: Gerber pump--does it work?

    I had my baby at a hospital that very much encouraged BFing. A class I took through them informed us soon to be moms that pumps produced by formula or baby food companies are not worth buying. They...
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