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    Question about the SNS

    My daughter has been using the SNS with one of her twins since a few days after birth. The babies are now 2 1/2 weeks old and the SNS baby is emptying less and less of the SNS. She won't nurse long...
  2. Mastitis, refusal to nurse & severe pain

    My daughters twins are 2 weeks old today. She has mastitis in her right breast along with a cracked nipple. She has tried pumping the right side and the pump (Ameda Purely Yours from the hospital) is...
  3. Need to encourage w/o being pushy

    My daughter gave birth to twins almost 2 weeks ago. They all live w us and we're all raising babies together.
    Anyway... she's had some issues w one baby and suck and is using an SNS with that baby...
  4. Re: SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    She has been using 60mL formula in the SNS. She has been pumping after each feeding with the SNS but so far she hasn't gotten any milk. We have been alternating sides with the babies to try...
  5. SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    Hi all!
    My daughter gave birth to twin girls on the 13th. One is a very aggressive nurser and the other had issues with her suck in the hospital. We were told to use a SNS to help her want to stay...
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