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  1. Re: 7 month old reverse cycling? But I don't work

    Just here to say it's similar for us! DS is 6 months old and nurses about every 2 hours overnight. Someone recently asked me about putting him in another bed, presumably so he would wake less (we bed...
  2. Re: Parenting advice - toddler and ebf infant

    Yup,I have noticed that when DS is really hungry, he will nurse. Not the calm, leisurely feeding off yore... But he eats. I just had to accept that it wouldn't be as often as before. I manage by...
  3. Re: 6 week old baby - slow & long feeds

    I wonder if it's not the opposite of slow output: a strong milk ejection reflex (among other things). I have that, and my DD would compress my nipple too, I think in an effort to control the flow....
  4. Re: Should we go ahead and start BLW?

    That Kelly mom link is interesting because it says a sign of being developmentally ready is the development of the pincer grip. For my first, I remember that coming past 7 months.
    The BLW book...
  5. Re: Parenting advice - toddler and ebf infant

    I have a3.5 yo DD and a 6 mo DS. I also dislike resorting to TV or iPad but I will use those tools if needed.

    My DS is at that distracted stage, maybe at the tail end? Crossing my fingers......
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    Re: DD frustrated at breast

    So many great thoughts on this post! Thank you! It's 9 years later but this has helped another mom with a squirmy, restless 3 month oldamd saved me from having to write my own post and wait for...
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    Re: Baby choking

    My son chokes often while nursing. I do think it's a strong let down, in my case. The laid back nursing position is what is generally recommended to help with that.
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    Re: clicking

    I had clicking with my first starting at 6 weeks and was told it was related to the OS. The laid back, or biological, position helped us a lot, and side-lying position allowed DD to just let "excess"...
  9. Re: How do IV fluids in newborn affect nursing?

    Update: i think the iv fluids did indeed reduce his thirst, and maybe the stress of the spinal tap attempts made him tired (he tends to conk out after a stressful event). After a while, i was able to...
  10. How do IV fluids in newborn affect nursing?

    Big develpoment for us: DS, 12 days old, was admitted to hospital last night for a staph infection (go results back from lab today),, so he is being treated with antibiotics via IV. Earlier today, a...
  11. Re: Advice: Fussy baby, cries with spit up. Reflux?

    Those sound like great docs, supersonic! Tomorrow is my ped appt.

    I'd love to hear how things progress with your LO.

    Right now, I'm looking at this Tucker Sling thing... Babywearing helps a...
  12. Re: Nighttime nursing and abundant supply

    All I can say is: Bamboobies! Thick bamboo breast pads. They are the only ones that ever worked for me through the night.
  13. Re: Block feeding to reduce engorgement 1 week old

    OH! Wow, I didn't know this! I have always nursed on just one side at a time, often for multiple small feeds within one "session". This is really important info for me, I can' believe I had never...
  14. Re: Advice: Fussy baby, cries with spit up. Reflux?

    Very interesting read, supersonic. I feel like you did a really good job of describing my situation :) Except that my son is not even 2 weeks old. He's my second, and although my 1st spit up a lot...
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    Re: Pumping schedule after 12 months

    My advice would be to experiment with pumping more often, less time. Frequent, short sessions are more efficient than fewer, longer ones, says LLL: http://www.llli.org/faq/pumpwork.html

    I pumped...
  16. Re: Block feeding to reduce engorgement 1 week old

    Thanks, maddieb. I already do the things you suggest. Now the engorgement is significantly reduced so I'm playing it more by ear re which side to offer.

    It's just hard when you read to "finish...
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    Re: grietas bebe de 18m

    Sé que este mensaje viene tarde, porque hanpasado varios meses desde que escribiste. Cómo te fue?

    Creo que tu teoría tenía sentido, de que el hecho de que pasara colgado toda la noche te estaba...
  18. Block feeding to reduce engorgement 1 week old

    Ds is actually 5 days old :) He is baby #2. With #1 I had oversupply for at least 6 months.

    So my breasts naturally became somewhat engorged after my milk came in around day 2. Not crazy engorged...
  19. Re: Mi bebe no sube de peso y pocas veces mama con hambre

    ¿Le ofreces primero el pecho y después el biberón? Digo, para que no esté "lleno" con la fórmula antes de empezar el pecho. ¿Y le ofreces pecho al menos 8 veces/día, idealmente mientras haces...
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    Re: Biting when finished nursing

    Signs he's stopped actively drinking, like reduced swallowing?
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    Re: Overactive Letdown?

    Is the feeding easier at night, when she's more awake? I agree, nothing odd about a 3 week old not having day/night thing figured out yet. Maybe just go with her "lifestyle" lol and be a night owl...
  22. Re: Pregnant and desperate to wean 20 mo old

    How about trying to cut a different session? Maybe she's more vulnerable in the morning, who knows. Maybe when you get home from work it's easier to distract her with something else? Or else there's...
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    Re: can they forget how to latch?

    Did your nipples become raw before you started relatching him? As in, is that why you started trying to correct his latch?
  24. Re: 2 Day Old, feeding is not going well

    In my experience, you sometimes become dependent on pumping after early fears that there wouldn't be enough milk otherwise.

    But realistically, I would only pump if a) Etienne isn't gaining enough...
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    Re: Night weaning conflicts - 3.5 yo

    There are lots of descriptions of your dd's behaviour that I can relate to. Those kids... Even though my daughter is now weaned, she threw s fit just the other day because i wouldn't let her touch my...
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