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  1. Re: Supply and feeding at night only

    Yes, one pertinent thing I didn't mention was that when we became aware of this, I started taking a galactologue which I think accounts for the fact that my supply was adequate while pumping in...
  2. Re: Supply and feeding at night only

    lllmeg - I actually was able to see a lactation consultant, and she was the one who diagnosed the tongue-tie. However, after discussing it at length with her, I decided not to have it fixed - for the...
  3. Re: Supply and feeding at night only

    She's been losing weight, and quite possibly for longer than we've been aware of it. I'm not one to panic about dropping percentiles, but she's actually fallen off the chart from 75 at birth to 50 at...
  4. Re: Supply and feeding at night only

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm satisfied that the high-cal formula is the way to go for the moment. Baby's weight had started to drop, and we had made several attempts to get it back up using...
  5. Supply and feeding at night only

    Hi all, for medical reasons I've had to put my 6mo on high-cal formula during daylight hours, but want to continue feeding at night as long as possible. I'm pumping at the moment to maintain my...
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    Nightweaning - Help Please!!

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the long thread! I've a few questions but want to explain first how we got where we are.

    We decided to nightwean our all night nurser at about 14 months. We were using Jay...
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