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    Re: Sippy Cup vs Bottle?

    Are there any problems with the way the bottles are given? Are the bottles causing any problems with breastfeeding?
    If not, then I would say for now just get some cups, utensils, etc, as toys. At...
  2. Re: How to decrease milk supply overnight?

    Try to dream feed baby before you go to bed.
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    Re: ? For Moms of boys...

    Well the whole "back to sleep" campaign has totally scared so many moms out of co sleeping safely that I fear it has put many babies in danger because then mom goes out to the chair/couch to nurse in...
  4. Re: Oversupply vs undersupply or normal? + feeding issues

    Only thing I might add here is if there are problems with transferring milk (baby isn't effective at getting milk out of the breasts due to something like say tongue ties or lip ties) sometimes as...
  5. Re: Oversupply vs undersupply or normal? + feeding issues

    AS the above two said. And if your letdowns are really FAST huge flows of milk then there is nothing wrong with letting that rush of milk go into a towel till it settles down a bit and then putting...
  6. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Thanks Alpha and Reena.

    I think I just discovered one major Drawback of taking the Med. If you get food poisoning the food has likely already left your stomach before your body realizes it needs...
  7. Re: Getting really frustrated. Need help

    Breastfeeding is about more than just the milk. Even if it turns out you can't make enough milk, there is the option of using a lactation aid like a Lactaid or SNS to supplement baby right at the...
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    Re: Tooth Care HELP! 18 Month Old

    Yea, I'll have to call around. There just seem to be soo few to choose from.

    And even the Exam only option for a first visit, DS is normally freaked out going to the Dr office as soon as we go in...
  9. Re: Baby-lead weaning question for 4 month old (too early?)

    Avacado are also a good high calorie first food for babies!
  10. Re: Oversupply vs undersupply or normal? + feeding issues

    Guess what, worrying about these things is pretty normal too.
    You are nursing very frequently which is a great way to deal with most any nursing problem. Sounds like plenty of wet and dirty...
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    Re: ? For Moms of boys...

    My son is now 18 months old. I've been very much an attachment parent I guess you could say. I still wear him for most of his naps (mostly because it is easier for me since putting him down usually...
  12. Re: Getting really frustrated. Need help

    Here is a link to a thread with more links with resources I found helpful with my son.

    My son had difficulty...
  13. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    It would be soo great if there were more breastfeeding helpful doctors here in the US!!!!
    Yes most doctors "support" breastfeeding as long as it's convenient and easy but as soon as there is a...
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    Tooth Care HELP! 18 Month Old

    My Son who still nurses Quiet a LOT especially at Night hasn't really let me clean his teeth for him since he was about a year old. (He took to chomping down so hard on my fingers that I was scared...
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    Re: Desperate for some sleep!

    Tongue and lip ties have been linked to reflux as well as difficulty gaining weight and sleep problems in addition to often causing painful nursing (and they don't always cause all those problems so...
  16. Re: Suddenly can't get any milk when pumping?!?

    I'm using the ParaGard IUD (the copper IUD). It was covered by Medicaid insurance, I had to go to the county health department to get it and they wouldn't insert it until I got my period. Sadly,...
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    Re: DS is 12 months old now

    Hay there, just checking in.
    DS is over 17 months now, still nursing.
    Oh boy ever the past several days. I was starting to wonder if there was something going wonky with my milk supply because he...
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    Re: Weight gain worry

    Check this thread for some more links to help with milk transfer issues.
    Keep in mind that supplementing needs to be...
  19. Re: Supplementing and now baby won't latch at all

    As above, I would recommend supplementing with a lactation aid or SNS. Bottles can cause so many problems.

    And I would recommend doing more research and possibly getting second opinions about the...
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    Re: Active Sucking?

    This link has some videos that might help
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    Re: Weight gain worry

    With my son, I was nursing him about every hour and a half through the day and then constantly from about 5-bedtime and then frequently at night (we co sleep) but I would set an alarm to make sure we...
  22. Re: Evening Fussiness during Breasfeeding

    Evenings are very commonly fussy and impatient times. What you are going through is not uncommon.
    Milk supply tends to be the lowest closer to the end of the day when mom hasn't had a chance to...
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    Re: Poor weight gain...

    Lip and tongue ties can certainly affect the ability to eat!!!!! Even from bottles and solids because it is the tongue that moves food around to control swallowing. Unfortunately few medical...
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    Re: How can I help my baby?

    I recommend seeking help from an IBCLC or you might find medical providers on this support group that might help you figure out if tongue tie or lip ties might be the cause of your little ones...
  25. Re: Supply, weight gain, formula supplements, just confused

    just keep a notebook to track the before and after weights then do the math.
    I'll send you a pm about the domperidone.
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