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  1. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    It makes me feel a lot better knowing that there are other moms out there who know what they're talking about and are supportive!!:)
    I'm ordering Kiss Me today and letting baby sleep with me at...
  2. Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    My daughter just turned one last month and she has been a breastfed and coslept baby her entire life. I have no desire to give up nursing, but lately I feel like everyone is trying their best to...
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    Re: Mastitis? Or something else?

    I don't really feel sick, just tired. I don't know what a plug would feel like but I'm hoping that's the case. It does seem to make it better when I pump and nurse off that side. Thanks for the...
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    Mastitis? Or something else?

    I've been EBF my now almost 12 month old and co-sleeping at night. This morning I woke up and my left breast felt uncomfortable, like an engorged feeling. When I nurses her on that side the...
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    Zoloft? Not sure what to do


    I've been feeling down since my daughter was born. Really irritable, sad, sometimes hopeless. I don't think I have "depression" really because I'm generally pretty functional. I say my OB and...
  6. Re: Back to work & away from baby for 16 hours

    You can do this!
    I'm an RN and I work 12+ hour shifts routinely. I've found that I'm usually able to pump a lot of milk if I use my hand pump at night. My baby is 8 months but still wakes up at...
  7. Re: Baby screaming before feeds doesn't want to latch on

    I think that mine was fussing at the breast for at least a solid month and probably more like two. It got to the point where she would only eat from a bottle but now I'm able to nurse anywhere I want...
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    Re: Sore breast but no lump..

    Something similar has happened to me before. My breast really hurt to touch and during nursing but had no heat/lumps/etc. It especially hurt during let-down.
    I would keep nursing on that side as...
  9. Re: Baby screaming before feeds doesn't want to latch on

    My baby was doing the same thing when she was about 2mo old. I would try to nurse and she would go CRAZY!:yikes Screaming at me, swatting, arching away, you name it. It was so frustrating I didn't...
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    Re: Is this possible?

    I have a medela double electric pump and not currently using any birth control. I went ahead and made an appointment to get my thyroid checked because I've been so tired all the time on top of...
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    Re: I need words of encouragement

    Wow! I wouldn't be worried if he has almost tripled his birth weight. It sounds like he just loves his mama most and I don't see anything wrong with that. You do what you know is best in your heart....
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    Is this possible?

    I'm a first time mom with a 5mo. old daughter. I've exclusively breastfed until this point and have had no problem with supply. In the past, I was able to pump one side at night while nursing...
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