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    Re: Drinking and breastfeeding

    dont worry !! :hug

    read this :

  2. Re: his first Xmas and he is sick..need advice

    Great tips !!
    thanks for help!
  3. Re: his first Xmas and he is sick..need advice

    Thanks for quick respond!

    I dont have supply issue usually, but since yesterday I do feel my breast more engorged since he does not drink for very long.
    Also, I never use to have "leaky breast",...
  4. his first Xmas and he is sick..need advice

    My lo is sick with the cold (fever on/off, sneezing, runny nose,runny eyes..). in the past 24-36 hours, he has been breastfeeding less often and for shorther periods. He is still making 1-2 poopy a...
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    Re: Sick and Low Supply

    A little tip IMO : make sure you increase your fluid intake, it will make you feel better and might help with your supply.

    Hope you feel better soon! being sick sucks!:grumpy
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    Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I have always wondered the same thing...
    I did the same being pregnant, I avoided caffeine, but now with less "zzz" i NEED my coffee in the morning!
    I usualy take 1-2 home brew coffee and I did...
  7. Re: spotting 2+ weeks...should i worry?

    I had a friend who got her Mirena put in 6 weeks after giving birth , they were using condoms prior to insert, and they did a pregancy test before inserting ( wich was negative).. but low and behold...
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    Re: Funny nails anyone?

    Lol , glad to hear I am not the only one with funny nails!

    I'll let you know what my doctor thinks next week ! :ita
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    Re: Funny nails anyone?

    the lines are horizental... i wish i could draw them lol!
  10. Re: spotting 2+ weeks...should i worry?

    IUD can lead to spotting, some have less ( MIRENA).
    I would certainly do a pregancy test if you were not using any other method of contraception prior to the IUD.
    Do you have pain in your...
  11. Re: reducing supplementation...update and questions

    Hi there!
    My lo is almost 11 weeks and I too tried a few times to weight him to see how much ounces he drinks per feeding. I got about the same 1,50-2 ounces per breast ( He usually takes both...
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    Re: Funny nails anyone?

    I looked at the web site , but did not find anyone that looks like my nails... Mine look like theres small hole or groove in all of them... :shrug

    I started back my multivitamines and I am seeing...
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    Funny nails anyone?

    Hello there,
    I am EBF my 11 weeks old baby, and i have just recently noticed my nails are all growing funny ( they seem scarred by something...?) Have any of you gal noticed this before? Could it be...
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    Re: She called my baby fat!!!

    Her comments were quite unprofessional!! She should have applaud your good work!:clap
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    Re: 14 weeker mom no sleep

    I have a question regarding this thread:
    If someone else gives a bottle of EBM at night so you can sleep, do you have to pump at the same time to make sure it does not affect your milk supply? (...
  16. Re: milk supply has been established ?

    Thank you very much for your input!

    Things do seems better this week!:gvibes
  17. milk supply has been established ?

    Hi there,:hello

    I am a 2nd time mother to a 6 week old angel ( Older brother is 2 and 1/2 years old). I have been exclusively bf my lo and have had a few rough patches along the way. I was soooo...
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