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  1. Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    Oh, my goodness! I would seriously kill to be in your shoes as far as sleep issues go! My DS is 9 months old, will be 10 months old in 12 days, and he wakes up every 30 minutes to an hour,...
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    Re: Thinking ahead...

    Hello! I am sort of in the same boat as you, as far as my family/husband's family just not coming from the BFing world. My DH will support me no matter what....probably just to make it easy to live...
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    Re: DS not gaining weight

    Not pregnant! Thank God!!!! LOL I even had a test done at the doctor's to be sure because I'm having some other things going on that have only gone on during both my pregnancies (dizziness, drunk...
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    DS not gaining weight

    I took DS(9months) to the doc today because he and DD6 have had some sort of virus over the past week (sudden temp, runny nose, dry cough...). I was concerned he had an earache because he had been...
  5. Re: Need advice from like-minded mommies, please

    Thanks for the advice/encouragement, ladies! We do cosleep. We did with DD (6) and do with DS. Actually, our sleep arrangements really suck right now! LOL DH has a very hard physical job, so I...
  6. Re: Need advice from like-minded mommies, please

    Oh, and I'm not even sure what he'll do if I have to wean him or supplement! He won't take a bottle from me and he really enjoys nursing! My sister has laughed because when we go shopping and I try...
  7. Need advice from like-minded mommies, please

    DS will be 9 months tomorrow. I had been doing really well when working, being able to pump exactly what he took at the sitter's (which is three 4-ounce bottles per day, usually 8:00-4:30/5:00), but...
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    How to discourage biting?

    When DS's teeth are hurting, he's been biting down on me and, of course, it HURTS.....BAD!!!! What can I do? Anything?
  9. Re: Thursh or something else causing pain?

    I did have it on both sides last time, but the left side was much, much, MUCH worse than the right. It's the left side this time. Nipples look normal, maybe a tad bit more purple/shiny than usual...
  10. Re: Possibly stupid question re thrush/sunlight/tanning

    LOL Yes and I HATE spray tanning! My sister goes to the same place I went and looks GREAT, but I'm sooo pasty white that it just looks bad on me! I haven't tanned even really in natural sunlight...
  11. Re: Breastfeeding in Public: Why is it still so taboo??

    I know what you mean!!!! I live in an area where there are definitely not a lot of mamas who BF and definitely not a lot who NIP. But, after posting for advice on how to do it discretely on another...
  12. Possibly stupid question re thrush/sunlight/tanning

    I was told when DS was very little that sun exposure helps kill thrush. My LLL leader even said to sit in front of an open window with my breasts exposed to get rid of it. LOL NOT where I live! ...
  13. Thursh or something else causing pain?

    About nine days ago, DD bit me when nursing due to some teething pain he had going on. It hurt like heck at the time but was fine for three to four days. Then I started noticing pain that got worse...
  14. Re: New here and have a couple of questions

    I'm posting assuming you mean one breast at a time versus only one breast ever for some medical reason or something, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. I had to feed DS from one breast each feeding for the...
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    Re: Age appropriate feeding and sleeping

    You have gotten some good advice. I know you're tired, mama! Trust me, I KNOW!!!! DS will be 8 months old next week and has only had a period from about 6 weeks to 10-12 weeks where he slept a...
  16. Tell me about nursing a baby 12+ months

    Probably sounds like a silly question but I don't know many who have nursed a baby to 12 months and most people I know think it's weird (whatever) to nurse past 12 months. I really, really, really...
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    Re: Supply issues or something else?

    Medela PIS pump is what I use. Some weeks I don't work/pump at all, others I pump 2-3 different days. One or two weeks since I've been back to work I've pumped 4-5 days in a week. I've just always...
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    Re: What age to introduce water?

    Oh, yes, eight MONTHS! LOL Sorry!:p Ha! I can't imagine what some people were thinking if they read this! LOL Eight MONTHS, not weeks!
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    What age to introduce water?

    I think this is the right place to post this?:shrug

    DS will be eight weeks a week from today. We've introduced the sippy as in putting a little water or BM in it and letting him play, but I...
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    Supply issues or something else?

    DS will be 8 months old a week from today. We have had no supply issues, even when I pumped/bottle fed for weeks 5-ish-9ish due to painful thrush. Well, we did have a little trouble keeping up, but...
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    Re: How to lie to your pediatrician

    LOL This post made me laugh because at DS's 6-month appointment, the nurse (who is fairly new) asked if he was formula or breastfed, and then when I told her breast, she wanted to know how many...
  22. Re: Strange ? re: what caused higher out

    You ladies are cracking me up!!!! I've been googling like crazy and Kellymom lists Dill as an herb that can help, but I doubt there's that much in that sauce! It was a small thing of sauce you...
  23. Strange ? re: what caused higher output?

    DH and I had a date night a couple weeks ago. I kept meaning to get on here and post about this because I'm curious! LOL

    So we went to TGI Friday's and I had Mediterranean skewers. I looked at...
  24. Surely I didn't screw up my supply?

    DS will be 6 months Sunday (if that matters as far as supply/demand/hormones/etc.). He is EBF. Every time he's been with a sitter, I pump more (sometimes way more) than what he takes in the bottle....
  25. How many ounces should 5-month-old take?

    DS has pretty much taken the same amount of bottles/ounces since he was a month old. The days I work, I drop him off around 8 and pick him up around 4-5. He usually takes 2, sometimes 3 4-oz...
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