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  1. Re: more feeding at night after introduc

    My daughter has done almost the exact same thing. She's almost 9 months but I feel like it was about 6 months when she went from 1-2 nursings a night to 4-5. I feel like part of it is just he getting...
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    Re: Please tell me . . .

    I feel your pain, mamma. My 9 month old was sleeping through the night at 4 months and now wakes 4-5 times to nurse at night. We cosleep, so even if you DID cosleep that might not necessarily make...
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    Re: 11 1/2 month old weaning?

    My 9 month old has also been doing the "drive-by" nursings lately too. She's much more into acrobatics, having a couple slurps, and then being on her way. I'm like, "hey - you just acted like you...
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