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  1. Re: If I'm pumping, will that make OALD worse?

    I have been feeding her on one breast per feeding and then pumping the other breast. I don't do this every feeding, just a couple times a day. I'm also having someone give her a bottle at least once...
  2. Re: One breast producing less milk?? Is this possible?

    I actually feed my baby all on one breast each feeding, but she usually only eats for 10 to 15 minutes. My breasts are pretty even. I have OALD though and she can get 4 to 6 oz of milk within 15...
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    Re: Really considering giving up!!

    I didn't get my baby latched on correctly the first couple of times either. After that, the nurses showed me and so did the lactation consultant. I got her latched on there right. Even so, my nipples...
  4. If I'm pumping, will that make OALD worse?

    Hi. My baby is 4 weeks old. I'm going back to work in about 2 and a half weeks. I'm going to start pumping and getting her on a bottle. We did a bottle yesterday and she did very well. She went back...
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    Re: active baby at the breast

    What's a nursing necklace?
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    Re: 5 nappies during one feed

    I wonder if he just wasn't finished with the first pooh.
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    Re: Rolling Over

    How old do they have to be to do tummy time?
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    Re: Rolling Over

    My baby is an over-acheiver. ;) She rolls to her side already at 4 weeks old. She likes to sleep on her side, so I got her one of those sleep positioners. Lately, she's been scooting out of it by...
  9. Re: How do you get your little one to sleep?

    My baby has to be swaddled most of the time to get to sleep at night, but she puts her arms out when she falls asleep.
  10. Re: Expressing Breast Milk at 2 weeks - I feel guilty

    It can be difficult those first few weeks, but it gets better. My baby is almost 4 weeks old and I deal with it much better than I was before. It was so hard for me to sleep when she sleeps during...
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    Re: How to get baby on a schedule??

    Luckily my baby is pretty much on a schedule at night, but she does those random feeding things during the day. Her thing is, she'll eat for 10 minutes, fall asleep (and I'll try and try to wake her...
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    Re: Pain when feeding..

    yeah my baby sucks really hard too. it doesn't usually hurt too much while she's nursing, but afterward it's either achy or sore. i find it helps to let the nipple air dry before putting breast...
  13. Re: Fussy when nursing - cluster feeding or gas?

    I have overactive letdown and what I've been doing since I don't have a breast pump yet is letting baby suck until the let down happens. Usually at this time she pulls away anyway because the milk is...
  14. Re: Baby nurses only a few minutes at a time.

    It's interesting that so many people have this problem. I think my body is regulating itself to how she eats more now though because I don't squirt so much and she hasn't choked or gulped as much...
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    Re: Any Gassy Baby Techniques

    Yeah and you can get generic brand of those drops and it's the same thing for about half the price. I got them at Walmart and I got twice as much drops for the half the price of the Mylocin. Read the...
  16. Good news

    Good news. Last night was a lot better. She did have one period of time that she cried and was in pain with the burping. I'd been giving her mylocin drops to help with the gas but one time last night...
  17. Re: Baby nurses only a few minutes at a time.

    I have the same problem. Sometimes she'll nurse for 20 minutes, but we fight the whole time. She's pulling off, making a face like she has to burp. I try to burp her for a few minutes and she starts...
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