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    the sweetest

    I know nearly everyone on these boards came out of desperation and in need of support. I just wanted to share that the newborn who sent me here is now nearly 3 years old (painful latch, supply...
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    Blood in colostrum?

    Hi Mamas!

    It's been a really long time since I've posted and an even longer time since I've posted in the newborn forum.

    I'm nearly 40 weeks along with baby girl #2 (due in 4 days) and as of...
  3. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    The 2.5 y/o did her first ever representational drawing:

    Mama, dada, Viv, and milkie.

    Very grateful we were all a bunch of squiggly lines.
  4. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    Oy! Bad pediatrician! Bad tendency toward anxiety! Mama, it is amazing and wonderful that you're still nursing. I hardly check the page or post as my 24 month old and I are pretty happily still...
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    These are making me smile -- though not helping with getting work done!

    Though we don't nurse to sleep anymore nursing is still a big part of the bedtime routine. After saying good night to anyone...
  6. Re: 22 month old obsessed with nursing dad

    When she asked this morning DH pulled up his shirt and said yes. She belly laughed, screamed "Nooooooo!" and started running. They had a good chance around the house, dada with shirt up, baby...
  7. 22 month old obsessed with nursing dad

    I'm more curious than concerned. DD has been asking her dad to nurse -- a lot lately. It started about a week ago and hasn't let up. She's quite specific about where and what she wants to nurse:...
  8. Re: Coping with sudden changes & nap time struggles

    Hi Mama, Congrats on the new baby! DD didn't nap in the crib until she was about 15 months. Prior to that I had to nurse her down completely and lay with her while she stayed latched on for the...
  9. Re: antibiotics + 2-3 nights away = supply dip

    Yes and yes! A public service announcement: bring a pump!

    I only wrote after we had taken her to Nana's and I didn't have a pump. I'm never engorged at home, she's fantastic with solids, and I...
  10. antibiotics + 2-3 nights away = supply dip

    Hello Mamas & happy holidays.

    It's been a rough week for us: strep for me and an ear infection for the 20 month old. I've gone 15 years without antibiotics. She made it 20 months. But these...
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    Re: Glad I'm here.

    Oh lord. Because we really should reward communication and asking with a big firm no!
  12. Re: 14 months and nursing like a newborn

    Awww Mama, I hear your distress. Kudos to you for nursing him like a champ this weekend. It isn't easy but you made it through!

    Like everyone else said he's having a 100% normal reaction to...
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    Re: Now she wants a bottle???

    Thanks! I'm inclined to think mimicry too, especially as she chews on the nipple. Also, she's now taken to nursing while holding the bottle. She'll tweak that nipple instead of mine, which is kind of...
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    Now she wants a bottle???

    Hi Mamas, I feel like it's been a while but that's all to say BF'ing my 16 month old has been pretty smooth. She started daycare in July and definitely upped what was already a high frequency. I...
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    Re: Daycare adjustments

    Just found the daycare forum. Thanks for answering here but I'll move the conversation over. And thanks bfwmom for the supply answers!
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    Re: Daycare adjustments

    Thank you so much! Yes, I've been self-editing, as Eliemommy put it. I've got this fear that if they don't like me they'll take it out on my kid. Irrational, right :huh

    At the same time we have...
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    Daycare adjustments

    Hey mamas,

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or if I even have a question. DD just turned 15 months and has started daycare. She seems to be doing well. I, however, am a mess!

    First, even...
  18. Re: Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

    Ouch! Owch! Ouchie!!!

    My 15 m/o is just getting over a very very grabby, pinchy, bitey phase that began at 11 months. I think it had a lot to do with just being extremely excited to nurse in a"I...
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    Re: Complicated situation - please help!

    Hi Mama,

    It's not directly related but I wanted to give you a link to a toddler/finger food recipe site. It's got a lot of high calorie little bite suggestions, most of which my LO loves. She's a...
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    Re: Sucking to soothe?

    Hi Mama, reading your post is like taking a trip down memory lane! I started posting here when my baby was non-stop nursing. She'd cluster feed from 3 in the afternoon till midnight. There were times...
  21. Re: increse in nursing decress in solids

    Poor boy! Sounds like he's having a totally normal response to an upset tummy -- comfort nursing, cuddles, and mama's milk to coat and settle his irritated belly. I'd wager that he'll up his solids...
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    Re: Exclusively breastfed & low weight

    Is there a reason you are only giving the 17 month old breast milk? Was this recommended by a doctor? By another medical expert? Is it something you & your partner believe best? Is this a community...
  23. Re: Advice on being a solo parent, night weaning and sleep!?

    Oh Tanpixie. I don't have any good advice. I just wanted to extend a big virtual hug.
  24. Re: I surprised myself ... starting our toddler nursing jour


    Toddler nursing is soooo worth the bumpy beginning! And the antics are amazing. No one else but DD claps when I take off my shirt. I love it.
  25. Re: How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

    Ahhh sleep, elusive elusive sleep. My DD is 13 months and takes all of her naps with me. She used to do the short 35-40 mins nap (who am I kidding, there was a time when those were long naps!). She...
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