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    Re: slurping and strong sucking?

    thanks! I am not really sore, but I bought a brest friend pillow yesterday and have noticed a difference since we started using it. Less slurping and clicking and she seems more satisfied.
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    slurping and strong sucking?

    My lo has a strong latch, so she makes this loud sucking noise when I feed her. She also slurps -does anyone else hear this when they bf?
  3. Re: question about baby nurse's advice on breastfeeding nb

    Interesting. We're seeing a lot of output, no problems there :lol
    She's been eating every three hours, more or less. When I bf, she usually does about 10 minutes on one breast, then I burp her, and...
  4. question about baby nurse's advice on breastfeeding nb

    I have a 2 week old baby, and while I was in the hospital after delivering her I requested that an LC come to see me b/c I had questions and the baby wasn't latching properly. The nurses laughed off...
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