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    Pump recommendation?

    I have been renting a hospital-grade Medela, but I'm actually winding up with more than I need so I'm going down to pumping only the days I go to the office. I'd rather buy, but am not that...
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    Re: Playing with nipple

    No, I produce the mosy between midnight and 8am....
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    Re: Playing with nipple

    The problem is that he nurses great during the night...every 2 hours...and it seems like he is getting 2/3, or more, of his calories during the night. Which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what we need...
  4. Re: Eating so often--don't think we can make

    My mom is absolutely convinced that tummy sleeping would be the cure. But she, like I, am afraid of SIDS...even though I am right there,I don't know if I can bear to do it!
  5. Re: Eating so often--don't think we can make

    New question: how do I know when he really needs to eat during the night? LO is a super noisy sleeper. Last night, he'd eaten at 12:30, and at 1:30 I woke to the usual grunting and kicking and...
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    Re: Latching

    My little one also had a frenulectomy at 8 days. However, latching was painful to me until exactly 4 1/2 weeks, when it was suddenly fine. Constant adjustments etc. along the way, but it can take a...
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    Nighttime nursing position

    I have yet to master side-lying. I had been nursing at night in a cross-cradle, but once the baby is latched I wind up sliding down until I'm almost flat on my back and the baby is lying on top of me...
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    Playing with nipple

    My 11-week-old has always been a near-constant eater--at most, every 2 hours day and night. He is also a quick nurser. But if he nurses steadily for 8-10 minutes, he gets plenty of milk (close to...
  9. Re: Eating so often--don't think we can

    I have No-Cry. Used it with my older daughter.

    He won't sleep at all unless swaddled--he's fussy that way, because he's very active and can't control his arms and legs! In fact, if he wiggles...
  10. Re: Eating so often--don't think we can

    I should have mentioned we DO cosleep. He is in an Arm's Reach right next to me, I just pull him over. We have minimized the amount of time spent in the feeding/burping/pedaling/diapering equation as...
  11. Eating so often--don't think we can make

    My baby is 10 weeks old.For the first 3-4 weeks, my baby ate every 2-3 hours with usually one 4-5 hour stretch at night. From 4 weeks on, he has been eating every 1-2 hours round the clock.

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