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    Re: Guilty feelings

    I look at this one of two ways, I know you express that you dislike pumping, I do too, I have been doing it the last 7 months to maintain my supply. It is definitely not my first choice,...
  2. Re: Shall i cont to BF since supply down again?

    You can do it Jamie Lee!

    Keep doing a great job!

    Do not get stressed by what you see, go by your instincts with your child!

    My best advice is to relax, eat a good breakfast with a couple...
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    Re: Solids, Breastmilk and Constipation...

    :) I have found that constipation can also be caused by lack of nutrients. Our 15 month old is supplemented with Baby Calm by Peter Gillham. It is a magnesium supplement and it is one of the...
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