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    Re: We did it! We made it to one year!

    I don't post in here often... but I know how amazing this feat can be... so CONGRATS! :-D You did good, mama!
  2. Re: Getting ready for extended breastfeeding...

    I could have written this post LMAO... Antonia will be 1 year in ONE WEEK (where does the time go) UNFORTUNATELY in the past month my supply has taken a hit and I've had to supplement at least 1...
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    Re: One Day Travel -- What Do I Do?

    thank you Shannon! I posted this on another forum and was reminded that I should worry about plugged ducts, which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about. LOL So I will be taking my Isis, as I planned, and...
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    One Day Travel -- What Do I Do?

    I am a BFing mommy to an almost 8 Month Old (where does the time go LOL) and she is only fed breastmilk... I work full time and have been able to maintain BFing with pumping and constant nursing...
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    Re: Advice needed!! Sore nipples!!

    I had sore nipples... even drying off after a shower was painful :( I saw my LC and she said the prob was two fold... first my DD slurped me like a straw, therefore not having the wide latch that she...
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    Increasing Intake

    OK, so I woke my 23 Week Old DD, Antonia, to nurse at 10PM she then woke up at 12 and 3AM… I find that she sleeps better in the evenings when she’s been in daycare… and I have deduced through simple...
  7. Re: How much milk is enough? I can't pump enough...

    I am having a similar problem. My DD is 5.5months old and while in daycare she is drinking 3 bottles with 4oz of EBM. I am LUCKY if I am able to pump out 2 bottles with 4oz daily :( and this is with...
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