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  1. Re: Help soothe a 6 mo. old? Advice please!

    Yes, she did cut 2 teeth a little before Thanksgiving. Now she's got 2 more teeth buds on top, so the Dr. said it will be about a month before those come in. It's just hard to think that it's all...
  2. Help soothe a 6 mo. old? Advice please!

    My 6 mo. old is exclusively BF and has had 2-3 bottles her whole life. DD will not take a pacifier. I'm wondering if it's too late to introduce one? We tried soothie & nuk. When she was young she...
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    Help with fussy baby!

    Hi! I need some advice. I have a 5 wk old who just recently began fussing at the breast on and off. She will hold her mouth open and go on and off again at the breast as she cries really hard. ...
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