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    Re: Do I have to give up?

    What my normal schedule used to be was I would pump after my first feeding for the day.
    mon + wed I'm usually gone from 2:20 to 6:15. On those days I would feed her and then pump right before I...
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    Do I have to give up?

    I've had nothing but issues.. My DD is 6 months old.
    For the last two months I've had 2-3 plugs a week. Usually they were in the same two places. Lately they've been all over and my supply is...
  3. flat nipples and pumping? affect pump results?

    I'm just going to jump right in. I have flatness issues (had to wear shells and shields for the first couple of weeks and pump)
    Can this issue affect pumping? I was looking at pictures to see about...
  4. Re: 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

    It sounds like a growth spurt based on the sleepiness to me, but the arching of the back sounds like reflux. Although I don't know if reflux can become an issue at that age if it hasn't already been...
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    Re: Baby miserable - scratching face

    My daughter's been rubbing her eyes a ton lately as well.. It mostly seems to be when she's bfing or sucking on my finger.. She would rub the whole time if I would let her. I'm now having to hold her...
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