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    Re: Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it!! Wow! Feeding himself with a spoon. That's great! I actually think my babe might do that. I'll have to try it. If he doesn't and I have to continue...
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    Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    Ok, My baby will be 8 mths. on the 22nd and he LOVVVES his carrots, and sweet potatoes and peas. Actually, I think he just loves eating food in general. I'm not sure when it is good to have him stop...
  3. Re: Is my baby getting enough breastmilk?

    Thank you both for your comments! In response to the latter, I'm not going back to that Dr. Actually, I had a bad feeling the day before I took him to his appointment like he was going to tell me...
  4. Is my baby getting enough breastmilk?

    This is my first time to post. I need help!! My six month old has been on a 4 hour schedule for awhile now. He would usually nurse for about 20 min. on each side. When he was four months the Dr. said...
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