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    Re: What's the norm???

    My pediatrician says that once a baby reaches 12 lbs, they should have adequate fat stores to make it between 4.5 and 6 hours a night, and thankfully that's what my baby did. And by 15 lbs it was...
  2. Re: Night time feedings/sleeping (should I wake her?!?)

    I agree... your body will adjust, but it'll take a few days. I just went through this a couple of weeks ago myself. I never thought my baby would sleep 8-9 hours in a row, and the first time it...
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    Re: oh no!!! what do I do??

    My baby has frequently done that too. Remember that if you actually measured what comes out, it's not nearly as much as they just took in. Don't worry that your baby lost everything... it always...
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    Re: whether to pump morning excess

    I feel my supply is a little under because as feedings progress through the day, they get shorter and let-down takes longer. My baby gives me clear cues that he hasn't had enough, like finishing...
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    whether to pump morning excess

    Hi everyone,

    OK, I asked before about stopping the nighttime pumping, so now I'll ask about what to do with all that extra milk in the morning. I've sometimes pumped it and added it to my frozen...
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    Re: slow let down?

    Your son sounds like mine! My DS is 5.5 MO and typically does 4 minutes on each side before crying or just looking around (when wide awake).

    Maybe others can chime in and correct this if...
  7. Re: Would you consider this normal poop?

    My son's poops are the rusty color, sometimes with curds, but very often without. He's 5 months old BTW and gets a little rice cereal but otherwise is EBF. I have to imagine yours and mine are...
  8. Re: 12 week old won't stay latched on?

    My son did the same thing, pulling off and arching his back away from me. I took it quite personally at first, then I realized he was just distracted. I had been able to nurse while watching TV,...
  9. Re: Advice Please.. I'm ready to give up :(

    Oops!! I meant 6 1/2, not 8 1/2. I hope you heard what I meant anyway. :o
  10. Re: Advice Please.. I'm ready to give up :(

    Hi there! I'm also new here, so from one newbie to another, welcome!

    I agree that perhaps your pediatrician is not as supportive as we would hope. When my DS was born the hospital policy was...
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    Re: Night pumping because baby sleeps

    Hi again,

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in... it helps in keeping the faith to know that others care enough to offer advice. I definitely have done the hover-over-the-crib thing, even before...
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    Night pumping because baby sleeps

    My 5-month old baby sleeps 6-8 hours each night. I have been getting up to pump 3 hours after bedtime since about 2.5 months. I now have a large frozen stockpile and would like to not have to pump...
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