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  1. Re: 8 weeks in...wow, it still hurts

    Sometimes this is a sign of thrush. Look for white spots in the baby's mouth. You can call her doctor and they will sometimes treat the both of you for thrush. Check out the Womanly ARt of...
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    Re: Falling asleep before finished

    Welcome to motherhood. You will probably learn like the rest of us to sleep when they sleep and to nurse all night. It is the only way to get enough rest.
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    Re: Totally lost

    Keeping your baby's head higher than his tummy is what is meant by "sitting up". You did not say how old your baby is, or how much he weighs, but a newborn baby NEEDS to eat every 90 minutes UNTIL...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Colonoscopy

    The anesthetic used for colonoscopy is very mild. Baby might seem a little sleepy as a result but no more than a newborn whose momma has had stadol. I would smile and agree with the physicians and...
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    Re: frustrated.

    Did you have a larger milk supply at some point? What changed it? Does you baby take vitamins or supplements, or medication (ever)? It sounds more like a nursing strike rather than a low supply. ...
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    Re: pooping easier?

    Dear Ryan's mommy,

    What does his poop look like? To be constipated the stools have to be hard and dry. If your baby is not in that category then he is just fussing like most 3 mos old do. He...
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    Re: Reglan

    I left you a message yesterday about how to increase milk supply. Sucking=milk. Babies make milk by SUCKING ON YOUR NIPPLE. If your baby is hungry they ask for more milk----then suck on the...
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    Re: he is eating all night

    This is normal behavior for a 4 week old baby. Sleeping with your newborn is a great way to be sure he is feeling safe and warm. Moms can sleep while nursing and baby can get lots of nourishment. ...
  9. Re: Getting Rid of the Nipple Shield

    What you are doing is great! She will at some point decide that mamma is better than a shield. Just keep offering the nipple without the shield and if she does not latch on go ahead and let her...
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    Re: baby food storage

    The best way to store food for babies that I found was the ice cube tray. Pureed or mashed veggies placed in the ice cube tray, frozen and then dumped into a freezer bag was wonderful. Take out...
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    Re: Falling asleep before finished

    It sounds like you need to get a Mobi style sling for your little one. She loves you so much and feels so good nursing that it is just like a tranquilizer to her.
    A sling allows her to feel good...
  12. Re: I think its Thrush, but Dr.'s say no...please help!

    Go to your pharmacy and ask for Gentian Violet. It is a herbal treatment for thrush which you probably DO have! This treatment works but it is messy. It will stain your babies mouth and your...
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    Re: supply help PLEASE

    It is not uncommon for your breast to "feel" like you don't have milk. The full feeling of the early weeks seems to subside at approx 8 weeks. If you baby is gaining weight and has 6 to 8 wet...
  14. Re: Please help! My baby will NOT take a bottle!!!

    Are you trying to give your baby the bottle or is someone else trying? It makes a difference WHO offers the bottle. Many times a baby will take the bottle when you are not there because he is...
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    Re: weight gain for 2 week old

    Are you feeling a let down when you nurse? Try sitting or lying in the same place to nurse and having a big drink of water each time. This helps to "program" a let down so baby gets the fat laden...
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    Re: 2 week old losing weight

    Try using a different hold...like the football hold. Be sure his head is higher than his tummy and if you use the traditional cradle hold...make sure his belly button touches your stomach. Be sure...
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    Re: Can I start lactating again?

    Of course you can start nursing your little one. WHAT makes MILK is baby SUCKING ON YOUR NIPPLES! Find ways to get the baby sucking on your nipple. Breastpumps don't make milk, little baby mouths...
  18. Re: Can't seem to make enough milk!

    Dear Karlav,

    These are normal struggles. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for you and baby to learn how to do this. It also takes that long for your body to learn how to "let down" appropriately.
  19. Re: lazy suckle and wants to feed constantly

    Sounds like you are on the right road. Remember that breastmilk is burned completely up in 90 minutes. Every minute past 90 min ( from the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of the next...
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    Re: Growth Spurt Question

    Dear Mommy of Two,
    Your baby could certainly be going through a growth spurt OR he may need to be close to you and if you have another child that is harder to get. Using a sling type carrier makes...
  21. Re: When does time between feedings increase?

    At about 6-8 weeks most moms begin to see a difference in the frequency of nursing. Remember they were fed constantly before birth and it is hard to go longer when you are receiving the perfect food...
  22. Re: lazy suckle and wants to feed constantly

    You did not say how much your baby weighs now and how much he weighed at birth. It is important to know that breast milk is gone from your baby's tummy in 90 min. You should be nursing every 90...
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    Re: Help! Ready to quit!

    Many of the problems you describe occur in birth situations that don't have any issues like you have. You are doing a great job even if is seems a little challenging right now.
    I just want...
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    Re: can I still breastfeed?

    Yes, you can still breastfeed! It will take patience, but offer the breast when the baby is hungry. You may need to use your fingers in a scissors-like action to compress behind the areola and make...
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    Re: Worried

    The best help you can get is in a copy of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING or at a local La Leche League group meeting. Have you checked to see if there is a group in your geographical area?...
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