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    Re: Nipple Shield

    I tried a nipple shield when my nipples started to get cracked and bleeding, every feeding I would want to cry bc of the pain!! It worked WONDERFULLY, but then I developed a milk blister. I read...
  2. How much pumped breastmilk is your LO getting?

    Just curious as to how much mommy's who have to pump are storing for their LO to eat at each feeding? I've only been able to pump 2 1/2 to 3 oz per breast every few hours or so (that's with pumping...
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    Re: Cries every time he unlatches

    Sorry I should have been more clear ab the pillows. I had him cradled in my arms and pillows on either side of my hips so I wouldn't roll over and a pillow under my legs for comfort. We stopped doing...
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    Cries every time he unlatches

    So I started co-sleeping with my 5 week old, something I actually wanted to avoid ( I was a little nervous ab rolling over), but its actually working out better then I expected!
    I started this bc he...
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