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    Re: How do you handle dinnertime?

    I too pick up my almost 9 month old daughter from day care around 5:30pm. Her dinner time is anywhere between 5:45p and 6:15p depending on how long she can keep herself entertained. When we get...
  2. Re: Anyone start a new job while pumping for a 1 yr old?

    You should get a lunch break at work right? If there's not a place inside your place of business you can pump, you could always get one of the Medela pumps with a car adapter and do it in the car. ...
  3. How much milk is enough? I can't pump enough...

    This is my first time posting here :) My daughter will be 9 mo on 7/12. I leave two 5 oz bags with her at day care. She breastfeeds from me in the morning before her breakfast, and she also has...
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