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    Shipping Frozen Breastmilk

    My family and I are moving to Wilmington, NC in December. I am from Manila, Philippines and I was given the opportunity by my company to work in the US. I have 200 oz of frozen breastmilk in my...
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    Defrosting Freezers containing BM

    I am wondering how do you defrost a freeezer containing frozen BM without damaging the BM. I am planning to freeze BM for my baby when I go back to work but I do not have a no frost freezer. I...
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    Cleaning and Sterilizing the Pump

    I wash and sterilize my pump every after pumping which I find really tedious if I am going to pump so many times a day. I am currently pumping only once a day because I am still on maternity leave. I...
  4. 4 oz in one hour of pumping...is that good enough?

    I gave birth to my baby girl Matthea last April 17 and have started pumping when she was 2 weeks old in preparation for going back to work in 6 weeks time. The first time I pumped, I only got 2 oz...
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