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    Re: self-weaning?

    I've breastfed four children, and the older three had to be weaned by me, but my youngest just started weaning herself slowly at around 11 months. It took her a whole month to completely wean, but...
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    Need help.

    My daughter has weaned herself completely ( she has not nursed at all in one week). She did it gradually, and until now, I have not had any problems with engorgement. Out of the blue, my right...
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    Re: Loves food more than breastmilk

    thanks for your replies. I can't express my milk at all. That's another thing that is completely different this time around...I've tried a zillion different types of pumps...nothing....or maybe 1...
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    Re: What does Let-Down feel like?

    I don't feel it all of the time, but when I do it's a tingly feeling. Sometimes it's very strong and a little uncomfortable and sometimes it isn't strong at all. Everyone is different and some...
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    Re: Confused about juices

    I agree that the juice should definately NOT replace a meal. My pediatrician says not to give more than 6 ounces a day, and honestly, I don't give it everyday. It does help with BMs, so if she...
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    Loves food more than breastmilk

    :cry I've breastfed four children, and have never had this problem...my daughter who is 11 months old LOVES to eat her baby food and some table food mashed up. She LOVES it sooo much, that she...
  7. Re: should you mash peas for a 14 month old?

    If you think about it, if he swallowed it whole, it's too small to get lodged in his throat. He would just swallow it down. My daughter is 11 months old and has been eating peas whole since 8...
  8. Re: How much milk should my 11 month old have?

    I also have an 11 month old and had the same question for my pediatrician. My daughter suddenly started nursing only three times a day and I wondered if that was enough. The answer was this...if...
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