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    Re: Shooting pain in the nipple - Help!

    Also try going back to working really diligently on proper positioning and latch. I had shooting pain and everyone thought it was thrush too. However, I now believe I had plugged ducts (white spots...
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    Re: breastfeeding at 12 mo

    At 11 months, here's what we do. Breastfeed around 5:30am, breakfast at 7am, breastfeed at 10-10:30 after nap 1, lunch around noon, breastfeed before nap2 around 1:00pm, breastfeed after nap2 around...
  3. Re: does all night nursing ever stop on its own?

    Everyone's situation is unique and personal to them. And everyone has to do what works for them and their family. I personally do not believe that night nursing will ever stop on its own. I also...
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    Re: Am I doing something wrong?

    First off, no you aren't doing anything wrong. The first few weeks can be very demanding with nursing. Keep at it and baby will go for longer stretches at a time. In my opinion, hold off on...
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    Re: Plugged Duct?!

    Personally, I would want any lump to be taken very seriously. While you are nursing and plugged duct or mastitis without fever are possibilities, other things could be going on. The lymph node...
  6. Re: Taking turns on each breast per feeding?

    I use my wedding ring to remember which side I did last. In the beginning when it didn't fit :( I used an old silver thumb ring. Good luck with new baby.
  7. Re: 5 month old nurses for only a short time

    Same thing here with my nearly 6mo ds. My question is...if you feel a let down, does this mean he's getting "hindmilk"?
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    Re: Can't get rid of thrush

    Nystatin only works when it stays in contact with the infected areas...it is not a medicine to be swallowed. I agree that you should treat yourself as well at the same time. Here is the routine I...
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    Re: I Can't Tell...

    Clicking was the sign for me that I had OALD and oversupply. It DOES get better and block feeding was what helped me. The engorgement is tough but ibuprofen, rest and a good long feed when you do...
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    Re: baby got used to OALD?

    Right on pipsmom...it's always something. After resolving oversupply and overactive let down issues with my son, he is now pulling and I am getting plugged ducts almost every 3 days. He has always...
  11. Re: Fast Flow and Oversupply... is it okay to start introducing Fomula suppliments?

    Block nursing (4-6 hours on just one breast) led to plugged ducts in the non-used breast for me too but it was also the only thing that helped regulate my supply. It was really weird the first time...
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    Re: Double Letdown!!

    My oversupply and overactive let down issues just resolved at 4.5 months. I still put a cloth diaper in my bra on the other side just in case. My recommendation is to just feed on cue and to try...
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    Re: Am I going to mess up my supply?

    My son was sleeping 5 hours at 3 months too and now that he is 4 months, he is up every 3 hours! I am chalking it up to the fact that he is so interested in his world around him during the day that...
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