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  1. Does my older freezer freeze milk enough?

    So I've got one of those old fashioned (1970s) freezers that is a compartment inside the refrigerator (as opposed to a separate door on the fridge). Some of the milk storage guides say that the milk...
  2. Milk still flowing after semi-abrupt weening

    Hi everyone. As some of you know, I was forced to wean DS (then 8 mos) rather abruptly due to my chemotherapy. (Previous post here.) It was pretty gut-wrenchingly awful, stopping BF before we were...
  3. Period after only 6 months... so bummed!

    I got my period this morning. :yikes DS is almost 6 mos. I EBF, no pump, no bottle, no paci, no solids yet. Room-share with bed-sharing night nursing sessions. We're down to only one or two...
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    Re: Alert Bbby?

    I get that a lot as well. I thought maybe it was because I wear DS and his "admirers" just aren't used to seeing a baby, and all a baby's inquisitive looks and expressions, at eye level.
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    Re: Vitamin D supplementation

    To my surprise, instead of supplementing my son, our pediatrician put me on the vitamin D. I take 4000 IU per day. (Mine is also by Carlson). If switching to a different brand of drops doesn't...
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    Re: Pulling and tugging while nursing?

    My son is 4 months and doing the same thing. Sometimes he turns his head slowly, like one of those standing room fans that swings from side to side, and other times he moves faster, like windshield...
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    Re: OMG - Why Won't She Sleep?!?!?

    My son did this between 14 and 15 wks too. He had been sleeping 6-8 hrs for a while, then boom... psycho nights like when we first brought him home. I read a lot here on LLL and in books that at his...
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    Re: Will "sleep training" mess up BF?

    Thanks everyone! So glad I stopped lurking and started asking!

    You gals are right, Doc was offering parenting advice which is not what we pay her for. I hadn't thought of it that way. She is for...
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    Will "sleep training" mess up BF?

    Hi, 1st time poster here, but I've been lurking since well before DS was born 8 wks ago. You've all been so helpful, thanks!

    So, we just had DS's 2 mo visit and doc said it was a good time to...
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