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    Re: Pump weaning

    I pump 3x a day (I figured on that because he bottle feeds 3x a day). I am currently bringing home between 13 and 18 ounces a day and he drinks 9. I have a couple hundred ounces in the freezer, at...
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    Bottle weaning

    I am a working mama. At what point did those of you who BF past 1 choose to bottle wean? He is currently 7 mos, and takes a little liquid through a straw cup, but he's not coordinated enough to...
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    Pump weaning

    I am a pump-at-work mama, and we BF on demand at home. DS probably nurses 6-8 times in the 12 or so hours we're together, plus 3 bottles (3oz each) at daycare. He is 7 months old.

    I hate pumping....
  4. Re: anyone use the 21mm breastshieds?

    I do. I was using the 24mm ones and my areolas were getting incredibly sore and deep red, almost like hickeys. I switched to the smaller ones and it's still a LOT of areola being pulled in, but it's...
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    Re: Teacher needs help!

    She has asked her coworkers to cover for her but her administration says this is inappropriate. Their argument is that they aren't legally required to have someone else do her job so that she can...
  6. How much/how often? Also food ideas

    We have done BLS for our son, and so far, we haven't found anything that he won't eat. We don't do a large volume of solids, though. He will get pieces of what we're eating at dinner (sometimes...
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    Teacher needs help!

    My good friend is a teacher who is heading back to work in January. Her sweet baby will be 3 months old. Our state follows the federal laws re: pumping, but her school system is refusing to allow her...
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    Don't have letdown

    Just wondering if this is because of my OS/OALD (I had OALD early on, not as much anymore) or if it's just a quirk particular to me. I don't actually have let down, for the most part. I don't feel...
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    Re: What do you do with the extra?

    I plan to BF until at least 2, but would like to pump wean by 1. What you did is my exact debate. I keep wondering if I should donate the milk (which I know people would desperately love), or if I...
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    How much milk to give?

    DS is 5 months old next week. Right now he nurses like a champ in the morning before we go to daycare, and then the DCP gives him 3 bottles during the day (every 3 hours he gets one). When I get home...
  11. Re: Still too much milk at 4 months :(

    I can sympathize, but I don't have any answers. I'm not making as much as you are, but we have hundreds of ounces in the freezer, and I wake up in pain frequently.

    Are you using a manual pump or...
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    Re: when/how to start pumping?

    I started pumping 3 weeks before I returned to work and I pumped both sides at once, once or twice a day. I'd pump after his first morning feed (whenever we got out of bed) and then once after I...
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    What do you do with the extra?

    For those of you who are pumping at all (especially if you're a working mom and pumping at work), what do you do with the extra milk?

    I'm in a very difficult position right now with my milk. I'm...
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    Re: Any teachers BTDT?

    I'm a teacher, and here's my recommendation - find out if she's legally entitled to time to pump through FMLA or other protections. Put the baby first (like the other ladies have said)! And then, if...
  15. Re: Does this sound right to you?

    Oh, and he's cutting a tooth or two AND going through the 4 month growth spurt right now, in case that makes a difference.
  16. Re: Does this sound right to you?

    I'm dealt a lot with oversupply (and am finally in a place where my supply has regulated), so I'm able to get the milk as needed, and I have about 100oz in the freezer supply right now. I'm adding at...
  17. Re: Does this sound right to you?

    Oh, and he snacks a lot when we're together, but has 3-4 "meals" and a bunch of little comfort snacks. He's also waking up 3ish times a night, so he's probably eating 8-10 times a day (I'd say closer...
  18. Re: Does this sound right to you?

    I'd like to assume she's feeding him when he's hungry, but I'll make sure to remind her to do so.

    We get to the sitter at 6:45 at the latest, in the morning (it's literally a 5-10 minute drive)....
  19. Does this sound right to you?

    My DS just started daycare for the first time. I'm not sure we have the bottle volume down just yet and I was hoping for some advice.

    Previously, I have weighed him before and after nursing...
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    Re: Do you always pump?

    Thanks, mamas. This will be the longest I'll have gone without pumping or nursing (DS still wakes up every 3-4 hours usually at night), so I'm sure it'll be "fun"!:lol
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    Do you always pump?

    Do you always pump when you will be away during a feeding? I have had oversupply, so I'm not terribly worried about my supply taking a hit, especially if it's only a feeding or two. I'm going out...
  22. Re: Getting baby to take a bottle

    My DS has just started doing this, too, and he's only 3 months. I go back to work next week :cry and DH has tried to give him a bottle on occasion. When he was much younger, he'd take it, but he...
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    Chewing and biting - teething?

    My DS is only 14 weeks old. For at least two weeks, he has been biting my nipple on occasion, and has become very interested in grabbing our fingers and chewing them. This is part of his grasping...
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    Re: Help! I have a biter

    :hug I'm sorry you're going through this! I have no advice, just :hug
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    Re: OS/OALD on one side only

    Good to know! I feel like I'm the only one in the world *still* nursing a 10 week old that often.

    That probably comes because one of my BFing friends, her pediatrician told her that at 2 months...
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