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    Re: Air dry vs lanolin

    Thanks everyone! So, I feel like progress is being made. I was finally able to get some really good sleep the other night (much needed). I've slept with my bra off two nights, and it was a little...
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    Re: Air dry vs lanolin

    Meg - thank you for the info! You are a wealth of knowledge :)

    I'd be interested in other's thoughts as well.

    So (tmi perhaps) I opted to go shirtless/bra less tonight. And I'm so...
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    Air dry vs lanolin

    Hi all

    I've been using hydrogel pads to heal my cracked nipples (my DD is 13 do and I think we have her latch issues figured out).

    In reading through all the advice, I've gotten a bit...
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    Re: Hydrogel Pad Usage / Breast Burns

    Thanks a bunch! I'm going pick up some shells tomorrow then switch back to lanolin. Before, even with lanolin, I'd end up sticking to the disposable nursing pads. No fun at all.

    Would you also...
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    Hydrogel Pad Usage / Breast Burns

    Hi there,

    My DD is now 11 days old and I've been ebf. We had a shallow latch for the first several days; I met with a LC who helped me get the right positioning, but the damage was done. My...
  6. Dropped night pump session = reduced nursing amt?

    Hi all,

    My son is 8.5 months, and I've been back at work for about 5 months. As of a few weeks ago, my schedule was:
    Nurse at 6:45 or so
    Pump 2-3 times at work
    Nurse at 6 or 6:30
    Pump at 9
  7. Re: Pumping quantity/sleeping thru the n

    Thanks all! So, what I've done is added a pumping session in the AM while I eat breakfast (assuming LO slept through til 5:30/6) and I get 4-5 oz from that. Then 3 sessions during the day while at...
  8. Re: Pumping quantity/sleeping thru the n

    Thanks! I'm so glad to have stuck with it this far - totally worth it.

    Basically DH fills up a bottle with, say 3-4oz, feeds the LO, then gets another 3-4oz bottle and offers it. DS will just...
  9. Pumping quantity/sleeping thru the night

    Hi everyone

    I went back to work about a month ago, when DS almost 4 months old (so he's now 4.5 months). At his 4 month check up, he was 14lbs 7oz, perfectly on track. He's been exclusively BF...
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