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    Thrush is a bugger!

    I cleared up my thrush and infected cracks, Levi was on drops for it, but it wasn't clearing, then he reinfected me and I have an infected crack on my nipple again! Ouch! Time to cut out sweets...
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    Re: I think it is thrush

    I can sum it up with one word:
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    Re: Worried about weight gain

    Oh poo-the growth charts need to be throwen out! My DS needs binoculars to even see the 3rd% from where he is! LOL! My FP says it's his "constitution" and we aren't even slightly concerned. IT...
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    Re: I think it is thrush

    It got pretty bad, the cracks got infected andare very gross! So being treated topically for that too.
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    I think it is thrush

    Thanks for all of your help! When Levi had no white patches on his inside chheks I figured it wasn't thrush, but last night I was trying to give him a bottle bc it hurt so much to nurse and he...
  6. Re: 14 month old and cracked nipples

    Ouch! I now have a blister on one side! I haven't had a blister for many babies! It's not even on an area that he has teeth! I checked his latch, and his mouth is wide, tounge over his bottom...
  7. Re: 14 month old and cracked nipples

    How can you tell if it is a bacterial infection?
  8. Re: 14 month old and cracked nipples

    I had two rounds of antibiotics in early Octoer, I thought by now I would be in the clear for thrush from it though. I do remember thinking I might get thrush when the Dr prescribed them for a UTI...
  9. 14 month old and cracked nipples

    I have a baby boy who has always been a great nurser. He is my 5th so I've been through BFing a few times! ;) LOL! This last week I noticed a little bit of pain on one side and I looked and found...
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    sore spot...

    I've had mastitis twice in the last 2 years on the outside of my left breast. Now it's been a few months since my last round of it and the spot gets sore on and off. When it gets sore I rub it and...
  11. Re: screaming baby at night, refusal to nurse

    Thanks for the info! Last night was better for him, but if it keeps up I'm going to take him in. We've had 5 kiddos and never had to deal with an ear infection before, so I'm not sure what they...
  12. Re: Clogged duct? Something else? I'm in pain, please help!

    Sounds like mastitis to me too. Call your Dr. I once waited too long and ended up with a 104 temp and in horrible pain, plus sick all over.
  13. screaming baby at night, refusal to nurse

    My baby is pretty happy during the day, but the past 3 nights he has been screaming most of the night. I try to nurse him and sometimes he will go on for a few seconds and then pull of screaming...
  14. Re: progesterone IM injections in sesame oil ok when BF'ing?

    During my pg with Levi I was bfing Toby, I took the shots, four a week, weaned too two a week, once a week and then was off them by 5 months pg. The shots didn't affect Toby, my supply went down,...
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    Re: Volume increase

    Her wets are good! My DS isn't even on the growth chart, he is 6 months and eats every 2 too 3 and occasionally 4 hours day and night. Last night I was up hourly with him. I have pumped hind milk...
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    Re: New here- 6 month old & BF issues

    Also the pump isn't as efficiant as a nursing baby, I get 2 oz with a high quality pump. but I know he takes more then that bc he is satisfied after a nursing but not after a 2oz pumped bottle!
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    Re: Uping fat content to breastmilk

    II'm pumping again today after feedings, the problem is getting him to take the bottle later! :lol I will try a dream feed, maybe he would be more likely to take it if he is mostly asleep. ;)
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    Uping fat content to breastmilk

    Is there anyway to get more fat in breast milk? My 6 month old is very small, and we have a genetic issue of some of our children being unable to digest some sugars (lactose and some carbs). My 6...
  19. Re: Breastfeeding mom losing too much weight

    After every baby I kept loosing weight until I got pg again! :lol I've been pg or nursing since 2000 and just had my 5th baby! :lol I ate alot and excercised regularly, I guess, I'm not much help,...
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    Re: He's not gaining, he's losing

    Oh, how I know the weight issue! My oh my I've been there and done that! I do agree that BFing comes first, frequent as possible. With my other children we have added olive oil to babyfoods and...
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    Re: Diet and Breastfeeding

    I also am one who cooks with baby in the sling. I have 5 kiddos and I have to make 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday for the family-fussy baby or not. I've used the swing too to calm Levi. I will walk...
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    Re: how long to increase supply?

    Just listen to baby on length of nursinings. The NICU nurses told me to pump for 15 minutes if using a pump to increase/maintain supply.
    As for frequency, just increase the number of nursings. ...
  23. Re: 6 month growth spurt is wearing me out.

    Wonderful to hear-mine was up every hour...yawn! LOL!
  24. Re: Colick, Fussiness, Eating Questions..HELP

    Many of my friends and I had a baby or babies that woke every 3 hours to nurse, do very little interaction and then fell back to sleep. This lasted until around 3 months and then they were awake...
  25. Re: 6 month growth spurt is wearing me out.

    Oh yes, I'm there-although mine is only 5 months, he is up alot at night when he used to sleep better. And with 5, 7 and under, I can't nap or rest during the day at all! :lol Eat oatmeal, drink...
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