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  1. Re: How many feeds a day does a 9 month old need?

    Breastmilk is baby's primary form of nutrition through the first year. Really solids in the first year is to gain experience with tastes, textures and the skills to self-feed, then around a year...
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    Re: 29 mo weaning question

    Do you have a partner who could take over bedtime, at least for the short-term? A complete change of routine may help. How did you stop nursing in the morning?
  3. Re: So much foremilk in the morning...

    Hi mama, welcome to the forum. All milk is good for baby, so-called "foremilk" and "hindmilk." Don't worry about that! I think actually what may be more challenging for you is getting enough nursing...
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    Re: Pumping at 2 1/2 weeks

    Keep in mind that you just need enough for the first day. Then, each day you are at work, you pump for the next day. The "rule of thumb" is 1 - 1.5 oz/hour apart. So if, for example, you will be...
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    Re: I'm nursing toddlers again!!

    Hi krystine, I haven't been on here in a bit but I've been thinking about your boys turning one and came on today to congratulate you on that (sorry, belated!). So wonderful that you've made it to...
  6. Re: EBF- Keeping Supply Up/ Pumping at work

    Baby can definitely overeat at the breast. I agree with PP, use paced feeding techniques. I'm putting some links at the bottom of this post. Your instincts are right to start with a 1.5 or 2 oz...
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    Re: Pump weaning

    Congrats on the pump weaning! Even though it's a step in the weaning process I don't think it's necessarily a sign of overall weaning soon. It's been 16 months since I pump weaned and my LO still...
  8. Re: 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

    Happy birthday to Alex, and so wonderful that you are nursing your 2 year old! Congrats!
  9. Re: Breastpump parts for subsequent kids

    I used my Medela pump in style for my first baby and my third, who are five years apart. For my second I mostly used a different pump with the PISA as backup. I was given some extra flanges and...
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    Re: Thawed breast milk

    Thawed milk is good for 24 hours in the fridge. Daycares sometimes have strict rules that if baby has started a bottle, they won't put the bottle back in the fridge and then re-feed from that bottle....
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    Re: Stopping day feeds

    Hi mama, welcome to the forum!

    What is your main concern? Are you worried that he is not eating enough solids, and therefore you want to cut back on breastfeeding to try to encourage solids? Or do...
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    Re: Disagreement w husband re:BLW

    Have you talked to him about WHY you want to do BLW? Maybe he just sees the downsides (mess) without seeing the upsides. In my experience, most people are a lot more familiar with purees and...
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    Re: re-intro and a question

    Hi mama, welcome again!

    I've been an oversupply mama with each of my three babies. If anything, I've read on here that supply often increases with subsequent babies. But hopefully armed with...
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    Re: Freezer supply

    That's good, hate to throw away that precious milk!
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    Re: Hormone Changes After Weaning

    Sorry to hear that - but thank goodness this was figured out. If you can't get an appointment with the cardiologist ASAP, you might want to ask your ob to intercede for you.
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    Re: pumping?

    It's common for moms to be told that they can't pump for a long period after surgery. If you find out beforehand what medications you'll be on, you can call InfantRisk www.InfantRisk.com and get...
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    Re: Freezer supply

    In general baby won't drink milk that's bad. If it were me I would go ahead and offer tomorrow morning. You can also sniff or taste yourself if you're concerned about whether it's still good.
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    Re: Trouble getting enough supply to EBF

    That's great!!!
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    Re: Grunting when Breastfeeding

    Sometimes it can be a vicious cycle - baby starts to develop a preference for the bottle, nurses less, supply drops, baby becomes more impatient with the breast...

    So I think the keys are, 1)...
  20. Re: How Often to Give Practice Bottles?

    I'm not sure there is anything to suggest that you actually need to introduce and maintain a bottle habit in anticipation of future bottle use. With my first baby I did that but with the second two,...
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    Re: sterilizing???

    The only time I was careful about sterilizing was when I was dealing with thrush. Other than that, hot soapy water!
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    Re: Nursing around Coworkers?

    For me, this actually has less to do with my comfort level than with the comfort level of my coworkers. As in, while some of my coworkers think it's great that I breastfeed my kids, and are fine with...
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    Re: Trouble getting enough supply to EBF

    So he's getting 70% of his milk from you - that's great! There are some other threads on here about suck training and specific therapists who can help with that - you might want to browse around and...
  24. Re: Wean Preparation & Mixed Feelings

    Mommal covered most of it, just a couple more thoughts. First, when you are pumping INSTEAD of feeding, rather than in ADDITION to feeding, you are likely to get more out. The reason is that at eight...
  25. Re: Not sure what to do re: day care feedings (rant)

    I think it's great you are being proactive and talking to your DCP about the bottle-feeding. But I do think there is a bit of a difference between bottle-feeding and nursing - my own experience is...
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