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    Re: High Chair recommendation

    We have a Graco Cozy Dinette and it's fine for our 7 month old, but we're saving up to get a Stokke Tripp Trapp when she's around a year old. DD is not a messy eater so having fabric cushions on the...
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    Re: How much to send?

    DD was nursing every 1-2.5 hours during the day before I went back to work at 10.5 weeks. I started by sending 3 smaller bottles and having extra small bottles in the freezer in case she wanted it. ...
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    Re: Confused! 4.5 mths Starting Soilds

    It can vary widely among pediatricians even in the same practice. At DD's 4 month appointment the nurse practitioner (who is very nice and is an IBCLC) said that we could start solids when DD was...
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    Re: Simple Wishes Hands Free Bustier

    I've been pumping at work for 3 months now and I love my Simple Wishes. I have a Medela Freestyle pump but don't even bother with the pump's hands free setup because the Simple Wishes is so much...
  5. Re: lots of pumping questions for return to work (incl manual vs electric?)

    How old will the baby be upon your return to work? Unless baby is close to a year old, pumping only once in a 12 hour separation is likely to result in a significant supply drop unless you can...
  6. Re: too much solids, not enough breastmilk

    I have no personal experience in this yet, but have been cautioned that until closer to 1 year old, baby should be breastfed prior to offering solids - nurse first and offer again after feeding...
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    Re: Introducing a Cup?

    DD is 5.5 months old and we'll be introducing a cup at around 6-7 months. It will just be to have water with meals (she'll nurse before being offered solids). Few things are as personally annoying...
  8. Re: Oversupply of Milk & Storing Milk For Daycare

    My LC's rule of thumb is about 3 days' worth of supply for once you're back at work.

    The guideline for how much milk is generally needed when mom and baby are apart is 1-1.5 oz/hour for babies...
  9. Re: Baby Wise (PDF Feeding style) and Breastfeeding

    FWIW, at that age our 5 month old was only sleeping for about a 4-5 hour stretch and her pediatrician pronounced her completely normal in sleep habits. She now goes for approximately a 7-8 hour...
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    Re: Confused!

    I'm in the same boat as you with my 5 month old, so I don't know how much help I'll be.

    First, on the pumping. 6 months is too early to think about pumpweaning IMO. You have another 6 months...
  11. Re: Starting to pump, no idea what I'm doing. Help please!

    My LC (an IBCLC) recommends pumping after each nursing session starting 2 weeks before the return to work - she believes that this stimulates supply most effectively and will allow for the...
  12. Re: Starting to pump, no idea what I'm doing. Help please!

    We started introducing bottles at 4 weeks. I have never given her a bottle; we wanted her to associate mommy with nursing only. When we introduced the bottle it was with a small quantity of EBM...
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    Re: pump during weekend or not?

    Right now I don't have to, because I'm able to keep slightly ahead of the baby's milk needs while we're apart. However if I have a supply drop I'll pump on the weekends to make up for it. You do...
  14. Re: Oversupply of Milk & Storing Milk For Daycare

    Pumping 2-3 times a day after I nursed stimulated an oversupply for me while I was on my maternity leave. I basically stopped pumping entirely when she was around 7 weeks old and went to block...
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    Re: pumping help!

    I have not had any issues with my Freestyle and like it very much. I've been pumping and working full time for almost 3 months and have been using the Freestyle since late August.

    I am still on...
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    Re: pumping for outings?

    I started off nursing in public using a much-maligned nursing cover. I know a lot of activists have a problem with covers, but I would not have been comfortable nursing in public without it in the...
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    Re: 7 month old... losing milk fast!

    As others have said, you're actually pumping a ton! I wouldn't worry about your supply. My 5 month old gets three 4 oz bottles per day at daycare and usually nurses 4 or 5 times when we're together...
  18. Re: What do you wish you knew before returning to work?

    I returned to work when DD was 10.5 weeks old. Today she's 5 months and still nourished solely by my milk! I pump in a single-room bathroom (not by choice - don't get me started), so I always pump...
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    Re: Working and LLL Leadership

    I know Leaders are volunteers, and I'm sure if I was a SAHM I would want to keep evenings as family time. :) It was a little frustrating during my maternity leave to be looking for a LLL meeting...
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    Re: Teacher needs help!

    I was surprised to learn how difficult it can be for teachers to pump. My support group has a number of teachers. Some of them have been able to pump enough for their babies (often by adding a...
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    Re: Working and LLL Leadership

    That's interesting to hear. I didn't know that it was possible to be a LLL leader while working outside of the home. I wanted to get involved with LLL but all of the groups in my area meet on...
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    Re: Number of Ounces in Bottles?

    That sounds like a lot of milk unless you're away from baby for 12+ hours at a stretch (I know some nurses and doctors in particular can work long shifts). The rule of thumb is 1-1.5 oz/hour that...
  23. Re: How do you find/make a place to pump at work? (office)

    :lol I've had that experience! I pump at around 9, 12, and 3, and a few times now I've been in the elevator with one of the maintenance guys or someone who I don't know well and he'll ask if I'm...
  24. Re: How do you find/make a place to pump at work? (office)

    I pump in a bathroom. It's absolutely not 100% sound proof, and it's next to a heavily-trafficked stairwell and a busy mens' room. I felt awkward about "Oh no, people will HEAR me pumping" and...
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    Re: Leaving for 16 hours

    I'm glad it worked out!

    The rule of thumb that I've read is 1-1.5 oz/hour. We leave our 12.5 week old DD just about 1 oz/hour when at daycare, but she still nurses 4-5 times a day with me and...
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