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  1. Re: Ouchie breasts... for two different reasons

    I've always used Expressed breast milk (it was suggested by a nurse when my 13 yr old was born & almost tore off my nipple) it healed within 24 hrs...as soon as i start getting just sore i squeeze...
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    Re: Nursing after surgery???

    This is so good to hear... I need surgery for an abdominal hernia i got during a fall when my son was 5 weeks old...I've seen 2 surgeons for it...the first one told me it would be same day surgery in...
  3. Re: Red breast and alot of pain.. any suggestions

    Thanks everyone :)

    I'm much better today...still a little pain no where near as bad as before fever is gone and redness gone...I've been going bra-less while at home, massage & hot water in the...
  4. Re: Red breast and alot of pain.. any suggestions

    Thanks...I'm hoping it'll get better I took off my bra because it hurts so bad so now I'm just putting him on to nurse even if just a few sucks because he's not hungry and i will keep at it overnight...
  5. Re: Red breast and alot of pain.. any suggestions

    oh wonderful thank you I will do as you say hopefully it will get better without having to take antibiotics I guess I will have to deal with this pain and hopefully it will get better soon.
  6. Red breast and alot of pain.. any suggestions

    Hello everyone...

    I been breastfeeding for 11 months 1 day and since Saturday evening my right breast has been hurting up towards my inner chest and has been getting worse...I thought plugged duct...
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    Re: trying to nurse again

    I had a similar problem when I ended up in the hospital almost a week on very strong pain killers & antibiotics and couldnt breastfeed...My Ds was having my stored milk in a bottle and when I was...
  8. Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    My Lo did this at about 6 months old for a few weeks...What I did was I'd put him to bed at 8pm then I'd pump at 11pm and wake up at 5 to pump again then he'd be up by 8am...thats what i did to keep...
  9. Re: Feeling sad about starting solids

    Aww my DS just started solids at 7 1/2 months he is now 8 months old...I was so scared to start him due to not assimilating them well when the pediatrician told me to start and i've held off til...
  10. Re: 9 month old may want to wean?

    I also notice the same thing in my 8 month old son...Lately he's just having a good nurse that first morning feeding and then its on and off he's just so curious about everything and everyone around...
  11. Re: Confused & Depressed Please Hear Me Out And Give Me Some Advice

    Yes I know my little one and I know he's just fine...He nurses often & he's satisfied afterwards...His constipation has gotten alot better since he's back on EBF & his rash is completely gone...I am...
  12. Re: Confused & Depressed Please Hear Me Out And Give Me Some Advice

    Thank you ladies:love I'm so happy I have wonderful mommys that think like me...Its always so encouraging to come on here where people truly understand & help you feel better...I was so sad &...
  13. Re: Confused & Depressed Please Hear Me Out And Give Me Some Advice

    Thank all you wonderful Mommys out there who believe like i do...He has been very active trying to learn to sit & pulling up and rolling etc. I tried him on prunes, bananas & sweet peas per doctors...
  14. Confused & Depressed Please Hear Me Out And Give Me Some Advice

    Hi to all Mamas...

    I just got home from the 6 month check up for my ds and I'm so depressed and dissapointed...

    I saw the nurse practitioner who i had never seen before and she almost had me in...
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    Re: Storing EBM in bag??

    I use the Lansinoh they're great they're double sealed and I havent had a problem with them breaking, which i did have when i was storing in plastic bottles once the milk froze and i tried thawing it...
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    Re: How to Increase Output


    Personally I pump after 1st morning feeding and get 2-3 oz cuz i'm really full since my DS sleeps thru the night...I used to pump after every feeding for about 10 min. but now I'm pumping...
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    Re: Ya nació mi BB

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    Re: 7 weeks & painful feedings!

    My lo use to do the same thing with the tensing up & crying and my pediatrician said its something i'm eating...I checked my diet and I notice certain foods did it...Also I started feeding him lying...
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    Re: only wants the left

    My son did the same thing until he was 3 months old..He favored the left first then switched to favor the right...I would still put him on both even though he complained and eventually he outgrew it...
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    Re: When to pump?

    I personally pump after his feedings this way he gets all he wants before i take it away with the pump...and when he goes to bed after his last feeding at 8:30 I wait 3 hours til 11:30 pm and...
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    Re: Foremilk/Hindmilk imbalance

    I have the same problem with the imbalance and green poop as well...what i've been doing is leaving him longer on the one breast til he complains because its empty then switch him over, if my 2nd...
  22. Re: Low milk supply...need help!!!

    Like pp said check your pump parts...I use medela pump in style and its great, I also take more milk plus and goats rue they've worked better than anything else i've tried my supply increased by...
  23. Re: How long does a 4-month old shoud nursed?

    Mine stays on for 7 minutes on each breast his first morning feeding since about 3 months old then I pump out about 2 oz right after he's done and turns away from the 2nd breast and 5 minutes on each...
  24. Re: 1 mes y 1 semana de LME y al parecer el final....

    oh y cuando mi bb estuvo hospitalizado no fue por nada que ver con su nutricion fue porque tuvo fievres alta y convulciones
  25. Re: 1 mes y 1 semana de LME y al parecer el final....

    Hola...Pues como te dijo MAMI la caca verde es porque esta tomando mucha de la primera leche que es mas aguada y no hace engordar tanto...parece ser que tienes mucha leche o desbalance entre la leche...
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