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    Re: Heading to ER

    Thanks for the support :-) I had thought about asking for a culture, but the infection has been in a different place each time, alternating breasts and spots on each, the infection I have now in Lt...
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    Heading to ER

    I am heading to the ER right now for my fourth case of mastitis. The first one was severe and I wound up with sepsis and needing IV antibiotics. The second two were milder and I treated them at home...
  3. Re: EP pumper & Frustrated on many levels.

    Wow, 9.5 months of pumping woo hoo! Years from now you will be able to look back with pride that you made it through all this and gave your bub the good stuff. You went longer pumping than most mom's...
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    Re: Pump becoming less effective??

    Just wanted to let you know that I am having the same issue. As an EPer it is taking me longer and longer to get the same amount of milk, and the letdowns take longer to start and longer in between....
  5. Re: any nurses or medical personnel? freaking out re: germs at work

    I am an EPer and a nurse as well, and I definitely share your concerns! I contracted a nasty case of C Diff at work a couple of years ago, so I don't believe it is possible to be too OCD about germs...
  6. Re: 12 months: Won't drink cow's milk & still waking in the night to nurse

    I totally agree with norasmommy. Cow's milk is really not a meal replacement or a breastmilk replacement and 1 year is still pretty young to go cold turkey to solids and water. I feel for your your...
  7. Re: bad yeast infection with antibiotics

    A good probiotic would help to get the good bug balance back in check. As per Dr. Newman, open some capsules into an airtight container, dip a wet finger in and let her suck it off twice per day. I...
  8. Re: Baby has first cold would like to hear some of your experiences

  9. Re: Baby has first cold would like to hear some of your experiences

    Sorry to hear your LO has been sick. My 10 month old has had five colds so far which is really a bummer since I hoped all that breastmilk would hold them off! A fever is more common with the flu but...
  10. Re: Ductal Yeast Study - So, what the heck does this mean?

    I am eager to hear what Kellymom says. I think I personally would not read to much into your DD's negative culture. Doesn't the study you posted say that traditional culturing methods are not as...
  11. Re: Ductal Yeast Study - So, what the heck does this mean?

    What the heck? OK so maybe yeast is not growing in the ducts, maybe the pain is referred from the nipples, I can go along with that. But where do they get off saying that thrush infection of nipples...
  12. Re: EPer thinking of trying BFing again -- please help!

    Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off :gvibes
  13. Re: How do you know when to quit pumping?

    Yes, I have experienced her screaming at the sight of a breast too! Now that she is older she expresses her anger by smacking at my chest and writhing around when I try to pull her in to BF. When I...
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    Re: How much fluid for 10 mnth old?

    Hi and thanks for the response. Yes, it is hard to let go of knowing exactly how much she is getting after so many months of pumping. For now she is not BF very well at all so the pumping continues...
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    How much fluid for 10 mnth old?

    I currently am still almost exclusively pumping. My daughter will be 10 months this month and will BF once or twice a day for a few minutes each time. I recently did a before/after weight at a...
  16. Re: How do you know when to quit pumping?

    That's too bad about the scales.........my friend found a used one another mom was done with on craig's list for much cheaper than new. I have been keeping an eye on craig's list for one myself.
  17. Re: Suffering from severe depression and told to wean

    I agree that your wellbeing is the most important thing right now, of course you need to do whatever you have to do to get out of the terrible dark hole that postpartum anxiety/depression is. But I...
  18. Re: EPer thinking of trying BFing again -- please help!

    Hello high plains momma!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am so excited for you! I too have pcos which was probably at the root of my getting preeclampsia at 37 weeks and delivering a 5lb...
  19. Re: How do you know when to quit pumping?

    I don't know what the lactation consultants would say about this, but my own feeling is that if it was me I might get a scale and do some before and after weights on baby when breastfeeding. I...
  20. Re: Pumping is making my supply go crazy!

    1.5 oz a day seems like a small amount to send your body into such overdrive. Could there be something additional going on, a growth spurt causing your little one to take more and increasing your...
  21. Re: Best Slow Flow Nipples for evenflow glass bottles

    Dr. Brown's makes a glass bottle, and the level 1 nipple is fairly slow, but they also make a preemie flow which I used for my newborn and it was great.
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    Re: Thanks LLL

    I am in the same boat...darn it! Thanks for sharing :-)
  23. Re: cant believe pedi isnt supportive of cont'd bfing

    Yeah, 3 tbsps of butter does sound a bit nauseating.......hmmmmmm.
  24. Re: cant believe pedi isnt supportive of cont'd bfing

    It makes me furious that so many Dr's are still pushing that archaic crap, why aren't they keeping up on the latest research, especially re breastfeeding? Even the WHO knows to recommend BF to 2 yrs...
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    Re: Keeping baby happy while pumping

    I'm all over the Jumperoo.......what would I do without it! It's that or the playpen full of toys. Sometimes though, she is just going to scream through the last few minutes of pumping no matter what...
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