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    Re: Supply - is it over?

    bella.mom, I hope you and your daughter both did OK while you were on your trip.

    There are two things that might apply here.

    1. A child is much more efficient at extracting milk than even the...
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    Re: DH is imposing a deadline

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. You must feel pretty conflicted doing what you know is best for your son, yet having someone you also love (DH) not want you to continue.

    I wish there were...
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    Re: the wiggly nurser

    Ah yes, it sounds like you have some nursing gymnastics happening on your lap! It is not at all uncommon for toddlers to turn into acrobats while nursing. They want to wiggle and fiddle and move all...
  4. Re: 2 years old and more demanding than when he was born

    lush, I'm sorry you're feeling like T is so much more demanding lately. :hug

    Because you mention this is a change in maybe the last two weeks from his typical behavior, I wonder if something is...
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    Re: Help with Legal rights!

    I wonder how things are going now with your friend and her baby. How great of you to offer your help!

    I just wanted to note that if you still have specific legal questions, please contact a local...
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    Re: Toddler Aversion

    You are definitely not alone. It sure is different to look at a toddler nursing in your arms with her big head as compared to the baby. Some tandem nursing mothers say that the baby still seems like...
  7. Re: Husband Insisting We Wean!! :-(

    Lindalu, I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. You're working hard to meet the needs of both of your children, and it might feel as if you can't do that and meet your husband's needs, as well. I...
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    Re: She bit me, now what?

    Yikes, sorry to hear your toddler bit you. An additional idea is to try different positions. Her chin area does more of the sucking, so it's possible that putting her chin away from the wound may...
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    Re: Uss too Usss tooo!!!!

    That's great, caylamac!

    Ugh, I also struggled getting my first baby to the breast after being given a nipple shield. You have worked hard to get to this point and your little one is lucky!
  10. Re: Problem with 16 month old

    I'm so glad to hear you got the help you needed here! I'm just checking in after not doing so for a day and a half, but post again if you need us. You're really working hard to take care of your 16mo...
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    Re: We are here!

    Good for you! I understand your regret about nursing your first. We do the best we can with the situation we have in front of us at the moment, then we learn more and maybe even do things differently...
  12. Re: We made it to 1 year - Thank you!!

    Yay! Congratulations. You worked hard to get here and it sounds like you had some good support to get going. :clap
  13. Re: My toddler did an interesting thing this morning...

    That is really interesting! It's always amazing to me that first, our children are so tuned in to things that they can pick up something we haven't even noticed (maybe darkened areola, a little milk...
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    Re: Persistent Thrush

    I'm sorry to hear you and your son have been battling thrush for so long. You sound really frustrated with having tried to treat it for so long without relief. It's not typical for women to battle...
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    Re: Almost here!

    That's great, mama.sophia! Congrats on meeting your goal, and I think you'll really enjoy the book. :clap
  16. Re: So Glad We're Still Nursing!

    Isn't it wonderful! Of course it's too bad Mikey was so sick, but it's great that you were able to nourish and comfort him just when he needed it the most.
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    Re: Toddler-isms

    Oh that is so funny! I guess a nipple probably does look a bit like a toe. Never thought of that before. :lol
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    Re: Suddenly wanting more

    Meganbeth, I'm sorry this is a rough time. Because you say "suddenly," I wonder if an illness or teething could be the cause.

    My toddlers would nurse like newborns again and that was my first sign...
  19. Re: Hirkani's Daughters: Women Who Scale Modern Mountains to Combine Breastfeeding &

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa! I haven't read it yet, but it's on my wish list for the library of the Group I lead. I'm anxious to read it now!
  20. Re: How will I survive Child-Led Weaning?

    lovebeingmommy, I wonder if you have tried to achieve a letdown before your son latches on? Breast massage and expressing off some milk (either by hand or with a pump) before latching him on might...
  21. Re: 13-month old NEVER asks to nurse

    I'm sorry to hear this is so hard for you. It must feel like you're being rejected, especially when you read other posts from mothers who feel their toddlers are obsessive about nursing. We...
  22. Re: Mummy Milk ADDICT, REALLY!

    mumof2, I'm reaching out to give you a virtual hug :hug because I can see this is so difficult for you. First your son contracted the meningitis and that was a harrowing experience, and now you...
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    Re: Still not menstruating...

    I don't really know of any science behind it being easier to get pregnant the second time around, although I hear that said a lot, too. (One elderly lady told me the first pregnancy "cleans out your...
  24. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    Hilarious! :lol This reminds me:
    Last month my 2.5yo DD asked me to nurse her mermaid doll. Having been through the nursing of a number of dolls that day and having other things to do, I tried to...
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    Re: Still not menstruating...

    While night nursing does have an effect on delaying the return of menstruation, weaning from night nursing doesn't necessarily mean periods will return. So much depends on the individual woman's body...
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