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  1. Re: how many times/day are you nursing?

    at that age, ds2 nursed about every 1-3 hours. Its pretty normal. I mean...I don't think I go 3 hours without eating! :lol
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    Re: End of the road for me ?

    anxiety can make it hard to letdown. I had that issue with ds1. Take the atvain if it helps you and remember to take a few minutes every day just for yourself. Have a shower, have a cup of tea, step...
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    Re: multi vit with floride

    floride should be used topically. Use a tiny tiny smear of florinated toothpaste if your water is unflorinated. If it has floride in it though, use a non-floride toothpaste. Small amounts help...
  4. Re: Iron Concerns & General Questions

    nah, no reason for the rice cereal. Like mommal said, there is pleanty of other iron rich foods that taste soooo much better! The box of rice cereal we had, I used mostly for making meatballs. You...
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler wh

    YKYNATW they tell you "this boo empty..have other one now" :love and "like Daddy, like brother, LOOOOVEEEE Mommy's BOO!" :rolleye:
  6. Re: agatation and negative feelings

    :banghead setting limts makes things worse. He is seriously one cranky little dude when he doesn't get his "boo" when he wants and for how long he wants. He has also started telling me that the "boo...
  7. Re: agatation and negative feelings

    :eye thanks for freaking me out Tracie....

    I have been doing bedtime for 2 kids all along. Big difference though, DS1 wasn't nursing and went to sleep on his own. Sometimes makes me feel like Im...
  8. Re: agatation and negative feelings

    Both. I tried limiting his time, but he gets uncosolably angry about it. I can't read or do anything because it distracts him and he tries to take the book away from me. It has been way harder for...
  9. agatation and negative feelings

    DS2 is 21 months. I have lately been having increaced feelings of agitations and general negative feelings towards nursing him. Especially nursing him to sleep. Actually, mostly in respose to nursing...
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    Re: Dishes for baby

    ds1 trys to stab his little brother if we give him an adult fork. :gg
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    Re: Dishes for baby

    I think I started giving them their own dishes and spoons around 7ish months. They usually just dumped the bowls upside down and ate it off the tray though. I guess I figure that if everyone else...
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    Re: Shaking Milk Bottles

    Apparently shaking it starts the digestion process prematuraly. Makes sense I guess, seeing as pureeing food also starts the digestion by breaking down the natural fibers of the food.
  13. Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?

    My LO is almost 21 months and I still leak sometimes. I dont wear pads anymore unless I know I will be seperated from him for a longer period of time. I leaked like crazy for the first 4 or 5 months...
  14. Re: When should I introduce purees to my DD?


    Usually around 6 months. Watch your baby, not the calander. Some are ready a little ealier, some not until much later.
  15. Re: i guess i might have to give a bottle

    Your not a wimp! They hurt! I was triggered by dairy, not fatty foods. I lived dairy free for about 8 years thinking I was lactose intolerant. If you know what triggers it, avoid it like the plauge!!...
  16. Re: Bottles for Breast Feed Babies

    I used the platex drop ins with a slowflow nipple with sucess. I started with the latex nipple and after ds1 got took that for a while, I switched to the silicone ones. They last longer! Always,...
  17. Re: i guess i might have to give a bottle

    I had a hyda scan done prior to my gallbladder removal. It is with radiation and I was told to "pump and dump" for 72 hours and to not hold my baby for more then 10 minutes an hour for 24 hours....
  18. Re: How Do You Get Them To Drink More?

    If you are around, she is going to want the good stuff. I think that if you sent her to daycare with a sippy of homo milk, she would drink it. If she doesn't, have them give her water to quench...
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    Re: side effects of fenugreek?

    fenugreek is an appetite stimulant. Thats what the suppliments are marketed as if you read the bottle. It gets your digestion and everything going too. So yah, its going to make you hungry and...
  20. Re: i think i made a mistake....

    No reason you can't stop giving cereal just because you started. :gvibes When baby meets all signs of readiness, you could try offering more nutrient dense foods such as avacados, bananna, peaches,...
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    Re: Frozen peas

    Of course you can. I found them rather hard to puree though...they come out pretty chunky. You can always just squish them with your finger and offer as finger food. :)
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    Re: Lactose and Tolerant??!!

    overactive letdown and over supply can cause all those issues. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html Like mommal said it is ETREAMLY rare for an infant to be lactose intolerant and if...
  23. Re: I still nurse my 19 month old son 'on demand' and in public - does anyone else?

    :hello I nurse my 20 month old on demand and in public and don't care who see it! :D
  24. Re: When is it ok to introduce peanuts?

    Its okay to intro it when you, the parent feel comfortable. The new reseach is showing that delaying introduction of food doesn't prevent an allergy from delveloping. So if there is no family history...
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    Re: 6 month check-up news.

    breastfed baby often "fall off their curve" at around 6 months. Its normal and fine as long as they don't loose weight! My ds1 was about 13lbish at 6 months. He is just a little guy. Once babies...
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