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  1. Breastfeeding, mini pill and period????

    My son is 10mo, i have been on the mini pill since he was 9 weeks old. he started STTN about 6 weeks ago dropping 3 night time feedings. about 1 week later i got my first period, was like a normal...
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    Frustrated...please help...

    My son is 16 days old. for about the first week and a half he was feeding about every 3 hrs during the day about would sleep about 5 hrs at ngiht b4 a feed. he generally feeds for about...
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    Poll: Re: 2nd Time mom has questions...Help

    i considered both adn did both, honestly tho i was the same as you, i did not want to nures in public, but the older lo got and the more we got a hang of nursing i started caring less, adn now i...
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    Re: How much whole milk??

    DD will be 2 in january adn has been on cows milk for about a year now, shes not bfing, she drinks 10-20oz a day and also eats other foods rich in calcium, cheese yogurt ect. dr has given me a hard...
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    Re: ? for ALL momma's!

    i let both my kids sleep till they wake up ( 22mo and 10mo), if figure if they are sleeping they must be tired, or in the winter, sometimes fighting something, a cold ect, the only time i would wake...
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    Re: We've night-weaned:)

    thanks so much for sharing, i might try your ideas, Ds is only 10 mo but im sooo tired from not getting a full nights sleep in more then 10months, some nights he wakes up 1-2 times but other nights...
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    Re: not driking as much milk

    My little guy 9mo dosesnt nurse alot, but i have just been keeping an eye on his diapers, wet ones that is, adn as long as he has like 5-7 a day i dont worry about it.
  8. Re: Does formula have a negative impact on immune system even if bfing??

    Wow, Thank you all for the responses, and i didnt mean to cause any dusputes here. :clap:love:hug to all the moms out their who are giving their baby the best thing in the world (bm) wether its a...
  9. Does formula have a negative impact on immune system even if bfing??

    My SIL gives her son 2-3 bottles of formula at daycare and then nurses him while at home, she said like 5-6 times from when she gets off work till she leaves the next morning, but another woman at...
  10. Re: Totally confused about baby's schedule -need all advice!

    Didnt see this before ( cuz i didnt read the other answers) this is exactly what i do and its a biggggg help to keep me focused adn it makes me feel like i dont have aTOn of things to do!!!!!!
  11. Re: Totally confused about baby's schedule -need all advice!

    this is hard, she could be going through a growth spurt at 3 months. it will get better, arround 4mo ds kinda got himslef into his own schedule of eatting adn sleeping and if i recall he was eatting...
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    Re: nine-month-old?

    my lo is 9mo as well adn he nurses about every 4 hrs during the day and 1/night, total of about 4-5times/24hrs, he is on solids and his poo did change with solids got alot harder but not constipated.
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    Re: Sex Drive...

    :ita:ita This is so hard.... i have had my period back now for about 4 months, ds is 9mo, and the sex drive was good when i first got it back but now its down in the dumps again, ds has beensick for...
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    Re: getting sleep without co-sleeping

    The first 2-4 weeks (at least for us) were quite rough. your trying to figure out what works for your babay adn what doesent work, its hard, but it gets better. We had our kids in a bassinet in our...
  15. Diaper rash?? Yeast infection?? milk intollerance?? how do i know??

    Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. Ds is almost 9mo and yesterday afternoon awhen i changed his diaper his bottom was ALL red adn i could tell when i wiped him it bothered him, He screamed. i...
  16. Re: Worried #2 might be on the way too soon

    i had the same symptoms for a few months before af arrived and thought the same exact thing, sounds like its prolly just af on the way. GL
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    miserable baby, teething! help!

    Ok, i am 99% sure that Ds is teething, i can prity much see the tooth tho it has not cut through the skin. my ?? he had a fever last evening, it was 102.7 at the highest, i gave him tylenol b4 bed....
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    Re: Anyone make homemade babyfood??

    thanks for all the suggestions!!! im glad to hear that i can freeze fruit purrees! sounds good, thanks!!!
  19. Re: Focused on eating Mexican Rice from our plates but not nursing during the day, ni

    I think ist the age, they are very intrerested in things arround them. My DS is 7mo as well and he is extreamly distractable during the day for nursing, he to will nurse for literally 1 min and then...
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    Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    this is frustrating!!:ita my dd was very much like that, im i hated cleaning up after her every meal!!! but it does get better, stick with her and she will definetly get it eventually, how will she...
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    Anyone make homemade babyfood??

    Im into making homemade purees for my DS. my questioon is...... How do you keep fruit purees?? i have been cutting up a piece of fruit and pureeing it evertime i give him fruit and its a pain in the...
  22. How many calories are in breastmilk???

    I was just reading something today taht said that their were the same amount of calories (20 calories per ounce) in breastmilk as in formula. i thought that breast milk had way more calories then...
  23. Re: What foods would you not want daycare to offer?

    :ita:ita Thats what i was thinking before i even read it. She may get overwhelmed with a hudge list. I also agree with supplying a snack.
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    Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    it very well could be your monthly cycle, i just recently got mine back adn exactly (it seems) one week before she shows her ugly face my supply draps majorly adn then the day she arrives its...
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    Re: sleeping through the night...

    If is is causing you to become engorged adn uncompfy i would say go for it, but otherwise, enjoy your nights of uninterrupted sleep!!
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