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    Re: At Wits End Over Pumping!!

    It gets better over time, you just need to be patient and not fustrated. It took me a long time to adjust to pumping. I've been pumping for 2 months now at work and still have problems keeping up.
  2. Re: Legal Advice on Pumping in Workplace

    I forgot to mention, my company is always on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for and always in the top on the Best Companies for Working Mothers. The whole reason I went to work for this...
  3. Legal Advice on Pumping in Workplace

    Hi! I just wanted to know if its worth pursuing Legal action against my employer regarding pumping at work. I live and work in NYC, where they passed a law in 2007 (Section 206-c, wording below).
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    Re: Daycare and solids

    That's a toughie ... seems you like the place and feel comfortable that your lo is there.

    If it was me, I would consider looking for another daycare if they didn't listen again to my wishes.
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