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  1. Re: nursing around family/extended family

    My ds is 4weeks on tuesday also (september 25th). Anyways - just do whatever feels comforable to you. When we are at my mil's house i just "pop it out" whereever, i don't go to another room. i don't...
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    Re: period??

    with my first ds i got my period back 1 week after i was finished with postpartum bleeding - my ob just said i was a "ferile myrtle". second ds, we're only on week 4 - we'll see how it goes.
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    HELP! Enough milk?

    I just had my second baby 9/25 - and everything was going good, but the past 2 days he has been non stop crying unless he is nursing and even after that he still cries with hands in his mouth. it's...
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