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    Re: Restarting breastfeeding? Help!!!

    Maddy's Mum, I saw a post from you about relactating for your daughter. I'm 4 weeks into trying to induce lactation for my 9 m/o son. I just started taking Domperidone, have been pumping for 4...
  2. Re: Where do I start? Mastitis, overactive letdown, oversupply...

    Whatever you do, hang in there and keep breastfeeding. Be creative, be intuitive, believe that you and your baby together can find some way to make it work.

    I had the same problems, huge...
  3. Adoptive BF or Teaching Older Child to BF

    I trying to teach my 9 m/o to BF again after a 7 month hiatus. :eek: I would love to talk with/hear from other moms who haved faced the same challenges. I understand that this is more common with...
  4. Re: Update on Paddy's progress-need some advice

    I don't really have any advice, but I can definitely empathize. I've been trying to return my 9-month old to breastfeeding for the last 3 weeks.

    The first time I tried the SNS through a bottle...
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