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  1. Re: Scalded breastmilk storage guideline

    Thanks Susan, encouragement is worth so much at this point. I've been at this for over four weeks now and I'm just not seeing a consistent change. I keep holding out hope that the magical 6 week mark...
  2. Re: Scalded breastmilk storage guideline

    I am using a Medela Symphony I have rented from the lactation consultants in the hospital. As far as I know the horns are fine for me, the consultants gave me two sizes. What I'm doing: I try to...
  3. Scalded breastmilk storage guidelines?

    I read the entire thread on scalding breastmilk due to excess lipase, and didn't find specific guidelines for how to scald or how this effects storage timing, etc.

    My lactation consultant at the...
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