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  1. Re: Unique Problem - Need Ideas (16m old won't illicit letdo

    I have a similar problem and want to see what ideas get posted (my LO is almost 11mo.). Here are some things that seem to be helping us make very slow progress:
    -Nurse while baby wearing
    -Play on...
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    Re: How often is normal?

    I have an enthusiastic solids eater, too. I can usually squeeze in an ounce or two by leaning over the high chair and nursing her before and after solids. (And yes, sometimes I get very messy doing...
  3. Re: Four month old baby increasingly difficult to feed... he

    If you browse through older posts, you'll see that the "four-month fussies" happen to a lot of us. I just read the book My Child Won't Eat, and I wish I had read it when we were going through that...
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    Re: how many ounces? 12-24m

    See if this helps:

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    Re: Fussiness and Trouble Nursing

    I am going to throw this one out there...you are probably entering the time when your production is regulated by supply & demand, instead of the YOWZA-style MILK production fed by hormones. do you...
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    Re: 3 mo suddenly resisting bottle

    It's nice to be needed, huh? :smile

    How long is your separation, usually? If only, say, a couple of hours once a week, you might get by with waiting and not bothering with expressed milk.

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    Re: Supply and Pumping Issues

    I found it helpful to give helpers specific ideas for keeping the baby calm while they let me get a break. Reminders that they can bond with baby without a bottle included, "I haven't even thought to...
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    Re: Her first stuffy nose

    I wish we could use a humidifier. She sleeps in our room and we have to have a lot of equipment at hand for DH's work that cannot get wet.

    I will try those aspirators next time. She seems to be...
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    Re: Nursing position trouble

    I only saw this tonight. Somehow, I had the notifications turned off. Very good info. Thank you!
  10. Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    I agree, pumping is not fun! And take heart because most of us deal with a fussy nurser at some point. These ladies helped me and they will help you, too.

    I don't know much about anything, but I...
  11. Re: nearing the end of her (wife's) sleepless rope...

    Maybe this graph will help. It shows how bfing is a lot of effort in the beginning but gets better over time, whereas bottles always take more effort. (Excuse the lack of eloquence)
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    Re: Her first stuffy nose

    Update: showers stopped being enough, so we used saline drops and the brain sucker thingie we came home from the hospital with. Even those only worked so well, so I did the colic hold long enough to...
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    Re: Drinking and nursing

    I've always subscribed to the rule of thumb that if you don't feel it, it won't affect the baby. Women throughout history and throughout the rest of the world drink while nursing and think nothing of...
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    Re: Her first stuffy nose

    Thanks so much! So far, the steamy shower in the mornings is keeping things running, so to speak. If it gets worse, I will try out your suggestions!
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    Her first stuffy nose

    *Flailing muppet arms* Charlie Brown-style "Uuuugh!"

    She has her daddy's fall allergies, I guess. Just when nursing is getting better, too.

    I've been doing the steamy shower bathroom sit, and...
  16. Re: Frustrated and about to give up :(

    Try compressions when sucking slows. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/content.php?pagename=doc-BC
  17. Re: What I will do differently next time

    Ooo, I hadn't yet seen New Beginnings. Thanks! That's the kind of thing I wanted to read.

    I'm not beating myself up, I just know that if I have trouble next time, I will get help right away. All...
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    Re: Mastitis and oversupply... In pain!

    Have you tried dangle nursing? Maybe there is a plugged duct? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/dangle-feeding/
  19. Re: What I will do differently next time

    And I really think I'm on the right track. The last two days, I have pumped once in the early am, every time she refuses longer than two hours, and after every feeding. Today, she nursed better than...
  20. Re: What I will do differently next time

    Thanks so much! I needed that.

    When I went to the LC and started pumping, it was because she was acting desperate to nurse but wouldn't. Hard to describe, but she would root and breathe fast...
  21. Re: Frustrated and about to give up :(

    One more :) with the jerking at your nipple, have you read "finish the first breast first?" You might be getting a fore/hindmilk imbalance. http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/lv/lvsepoct95p69a.html
  22. Re: Frustrated and about to give up :(

    Also, I didn't know my milk had come in until more than 2 weeks postpartum. It obviously had, though, since baby gained a pound! Not everybody leaks or feels their milk letdown.
  23. Re: Frustrated and about to give up :(

    I'm totally not an expert, but until one comes along, know that your pumping output sounds totally normal and is not a good indicator of supply, since a well-latched baby gets way more milk than the...
  24. Re: Questions from a first-time (frantic) mom, please help.

    You could also pump during commute, if you drive. Target.com sells Medella lighter adaptors. Be sure to get the right voltage.
  25. What I will do differently next time

    Just wanted to share my story. If you are beginning nursing, please do these two things: 1) if it hurts, get help and 2) if you think you have a problem like oversupply or undersupply, get help.
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