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    Re: 2 years!

    Congrats! My nurseling is two today, so we are sharing this milestone. :)
  2. Re: Increasing supply to meet demands

    The long stretches with no milk removal are, like you said, definitely a hindrance in this situation. There are no 100% guarantees that you will be able to bring in a full milk supply, but...
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    Re: 10mo Nursing strike ! Pls help.

    Many antidepressants are safe while nursing. If the OP has any concern whatsoever about it that her physician hasn't satisfactorily addressed, the kind folks over at InfantRisk can definitively...
  4. Re: Any RN mamas have advice for pumping during hospital shi

    I'm not an RN, but I work in the medical field, and I did exactly what mommal described with working on charting/documentation while pumping. I needed to pump 4 times over an 8 hour shift to...
  5. Re: Traveling/Driving Long Distance and Breastfeeding

    Are you planning to drive overnight during your baby's usual long sleep stretch, or during daytime hours? I think if you are traveling at night, and you expect baby to be sleeping, I would simply...
  6. Re: Pumping and bottle-feeding after 1 year

    I think you do whatever makes the most sense for you--in my case, I had already introduced open cups and straw cups for water, but struggled so much to pump that I was not willing to risk losing my...
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    Re: 3 bad nights....

    I'd lean toward option A myself based on what you're describing.

    Or, you know, alternatively, it could just be an option G) as well--weird stretch of infant sleep with no discernible reason. My...
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    Re: Right Side Completely Dry!

    Great questions from the PP. :)
  9. Re: allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    I just firstly want to say that I think your pump output is AMAZING for a 17 month old nursling! You rock!

    Your pumping output variation also sounds pretty normal to me, and I would hesitate to...
  10. Re: drop in supply during "that" time of month

    Okay, I would definitely recommend adding and keeping a third session. I would also suggest that you ALWAYS double pump--the simultaneous stimulation will really help you yield more milk than just...
  11. Re: Pls help me, Veteran nursers! 9.5mo nursing issues.

    The above shared Kellymom link for biting is a good resource. My personal experience with biting is that I saw results by calmly, quietly saying "you don't want to nurse? Okay, let's find something...
  12. Re: Pumping while at Work-Supply Dropping!

    That's a pretty long nighttime stretch with no milk removal, and that's what jumps out to me in this scenario. Is this sleep stretch one your baby has naturally fallen into, or is it something you...
  13. Re: drop in supply during "that" time of month

    I'm sorry you're having such a tough time, mama!

    So, what I would ask is, how long are your work separations generally? Two pumping sessions a day sounds a little bit low to me for the average...
  14. Re: 23 lb. 4 month old EBF.. Is this normal?

    I had a very difficult time with pants for my child when she was an infant. She was too big for the infant sizes, but almost all toddler sized pants were just longer and LEANER, which is not what we...
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    Re: Thoughts on breastfeeding

    I think it is very hard to know for sure if your low libido is 100% due to breastfeeding. What I mean to say is, yes, the decreased estrogen levels of a nursing mother may be associated with a...
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    Re: We've hit 3 years! :D

    Congratulations! What a wonderful new milestone to have reached!
  17. Re: Emotionally difficult time pump weaning

    My long term goals are essentially to let her lead the way. I have no end date or end game in mind, I have no nursing aversions or desire to limit her nursing in any way at this point in time. I...
  18. Re: Period Return and Low Milk Supply

    How many times over the work day are you pumping? Whether it's due to your period, a pump slump, or something else entirely, the best way to get over a hit in supply is to increase your demand. Can...
  19. Re: Emotionally difficult time pump weaning

    No issues nursing at home. The usual post-work nursing session, the usual very frequent evening nursing. A lot of extra overnight nursing, but she had a fever last night and I believe that to be...
  20. Re: Back to Work and Reverse Cycling?

    So she's still drinking 8 ounces over your work separation. That's not too dramatically low an intake. How long is your total separation, again? If it is 8 hours, that's actually right on target. ...
  21. Emotionally difficult time pump weaning

    I don't really know exactly where to take my concerns, as I don't really know anyone that's been quite in my position!

    My daughter is 23 months old today. I've kept a lunch pumping session at...
  22. Re: 3 month old bad latch sore nipples?

    I am sorry you are having such a painful time, mama!

    So, what I will say is that if you are experiencing pain, that is a sign that perhaps the latch is NOT fine, despite what the two LCs you saw...
  23. Re: Back to Work and Reverse Cycling?

    How much is baby drinking in the bottles you are leaving at daycare? Any chance the bottles are just a bit larger than baby needs, and that might be contributing to the infrequent demand?

  24. Re: 23 lb. 4 month old EBF.. Is this normal?

    I'm late to this party, but my daughter was also about this size at 4 months of age. She was always above the 99th percentile for height and weight until quite recently--at her 18 month well baby...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    You get home from work, and your 23 month old sits you down for your post-work nursing session. She takes the breast in your hand and says, "Niiiiiice. White. Pretty! Like it." :lol
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